Facing criminal charges in Fort Meyers, Florida can have serious penalties for the person being accused of the crime. Once a person is convicted, their charges usually remain on their criminal record indefinitely, especially if no action is taken to try and have their charges reduced or sealed in one way or the other.

In some cases, individuals who are charged for a crime can try and have their charges expunged. When charges are expunged, the public and most officials lose access to the details of the charges, and the charges become legally nonexistent.  A person can apply for expungement after they are charged.

If a person has not been convicted yet, they have the option of trying to get a dismissal on their charges. This is an ideal situation and if a dismissal occurs then the judge simply drops the charges and dismisses the case.

Some reasons charges may be dismissed include:

  • Insufficient evidence
  • A violation of the statute of limitations/ missed deadlines
  • Speedy trial grounds
  • Constitutional or statutory grounds

Even after a dismissal, the case usually remains on a person’s record, however, anyone who accesses this record will be able to clearly see that no charges were laid. A person facing criminal charges should speak with a criminal defense lawyer to see if they are eligible to receive a dismissal for their charges.

They should also check if they can potentially have their records expunged afterward so they do not run into trouble with a potential employer later down the road. Having criminal charges can prevent a person from getting hired for a good job and may even put educational and travel restrictions on them as well.

Proving innocence for a criminal case in Fort Meyers, Florida

From the moment a person is arrested by a police officer, they need to try and thick as calmly as possible. Getting arrested can be a very scary experience and individuals often end up lashing out or acting in ways that make their situation much worse. Anyone who is being arrested, whether they are guilty or not, should speak as respectfully to the officers as possible. It is vital that individuals refrain from talking too much and that they request the presence of their attorney before disclosing excessive information.

A qualified lawyer will be able to advise a person on what steps they should take to prove their innocence. This usually involves gathering evidence that will be legally acceptable in court to go against the charges that a person is being faced with.

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