Back in 2012, a grand jury in Tishomingo County indicted several individuals, many who come from Iuka, MS, which led to 21 arrests. While some of the suspects were arrested for drug-related charges, others were taken into custody for prescription fraud, conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, and even embezzlement. One of the individuals the Daily Journal named in its publication was 21-year-old Ryan Kissinger, who was charged with embezzlement.


What is embezzlement?


Ryan Kissinger, 21, was one of many in Tishomingo County, MS to be charged with a criminal offense. He was sentenced on January 13th 2014.

When a person is entrusted with personal property such as money and keeps it for their own personal benefit or gives it to a third party, they are guilty of embezzlement [Source: Cornell Law School]. Although embezzling is a form of theft, it differs from larceny as the individual stealing the property had rightful access to it. For example, let’s say someone was hired to work for a business where they were assigned with the task of making cash deposits. Instead of putting all of the money in the bank, each time they went to make a deposit, they kept $100. Over the course of a few months, they managed to withhold $10,000 all of which belonged to the business, not them. This person, if caught, would be charged with embezzlement.

Now, although the source provided little detail regarding Kissinger’s embezzlement charge, the offense does carry jail time and fines, both of which Kissinger may have received as a punishment.


How does the state of Mississippi punish those convicted of embezzlement?


An embezzlement charge in the state of MS carries various punishments including jail time and fines which is determined based on how much property was taken. Below we outline how the state of MS punishes those found guilty of embezzlement.

According to §97-23-19, a person who is found guilty of embezzling money or any other valuable property of any kind that is valued at less than $1,000 shall be guilty of misdemeanor embezzlement and could face a jail sentence of one year or less and/or having to pay a fine of up to $1,000. When the amount taken is valued between $1,000 but is less than $5,000, a person shall be guilty of felony embezzlement, imprisoned for no more than five years, and/or must pay a fine of up to $25,000. If the value of the property that was embezzled is $5,000 or less than $25,000, the person convicted of the crime would face a jail sentence of up to 10 years and/or have to pay a fine of up to $25,000.

In the event a person takes possession of property that doesn’t belong to them that is valued at $25,000 or more, that person shall be guilty of felony embezzlement, imprisoned for no more than 20 years, and/or have to pay a fine of no more than $25,000.


I was charged with embezzlement. Do I need to hire a MS criminal defense lawyer?



If you were recently charged with embezzlement in the state of MS or anywhere else in the U.S., can help you locate a criminal defense attorney who can aid you in getting your charges reduced. When you retain the right type of lawyer who has experience with fighting embezzlement charges, he/she could potentially get your penalties reduced so that you spend less time in jail or fight for you to receive a plea bargain that wouldn’t require you to spend any time behind bars. To find out how a criminal defense lawyer in your area can help you or a loved one who may have recently been charged with embezzlement, contact today.