Largo, FL—Under Florida law, community control, often referred to as house arrest, is one of several alternatives to prison that is sometimes offered to an individual who has been charged with a certain type of crime.1 Individuals who are placed on house arrest as a form of punishment and in lieu of prison are “restricted within the community, home or noninstitutional residential placement” and are required to abide by certain rules while under the program.


What happens once an individual is placed on house arrest?


If an individual is placed on house arrest, they generally cannot leave their home, unless they have been granted certain privileges such as being able to leave for school, work, or for medical help. While under house arrest or community control, an individual may also be restricted to only leaving their home during a certain time of day if they have been granted permission to leave their residence for specific reasons.

Individuals who are placed under community control may also be required to wear a monitoring device at all times and may not be permitted to engage in certain types of activities as it could result in them violating the terms of the order. They may also be required to meet with a probation officer regularly. Although there are many rules an individual must follow while under community control, many would prefer to be placed on house arrest as opposed to having to serve time in prison.


What happens if an individual violates their house arrest order?


Violating the terms of a community control order could result in an individual having to serve actual time in prison and/or face other consequences for their behavior. Generally, when an individual violates a community control order, they will be arrested and may or may not be issued bond.


Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Largo, FL Increase a Person’s Chances of Being Granted Community Control or Probation?


A Largo, FL criminal defense attorney can request that the court impose less severe penalties for their client such as being placed on house arrest. This is sometimes offered in a plea agreement, which is an agreement made between the defendant and the prosecutor. Plea agreements serve as a way for a defendant to get their charges reduced with less severe penalties in exchange for something on their part, such as a guilty plea.

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