Dayonte Resiles, resident of Lauderdale Lakes, was on the verge of being sentenced for a crime he committed back in 2014 that involved the murder of Jill Halliburton Su of Davie that occurred during the time he burglarized her home. While the judge had plans to conduct his pretrial hearing “on whether he should face the death penalty” as the date for his murder trial drew closer, Resiles had other plans in mind, plans that involved fleeing from the tight grasps of officers and making his way out of the courtroom free from handcuffs and the distinct jumpsuits inmates are required to wear. Five days and thirteen hours is the amount of time Resiles evaded officials, but criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are here to highlight the details that led up to this thought out escape plan, and where his case stands today.

Resiles fled police custody while in the courtroom with help from several different accomplices.

So how did Resiles, a shackled man in police custody, get away? It began with an inmate Resiles was sitting next to as he waited for his case to be heard. The inmate was guilty of shielding him “from the view of court officers and deputies.”  Fort Lauderdale, Florida criminal defense lawyers also bring to attention Walter Hart III, who is currently a murder suspect, and was caught on video unlatching Resiles’ shackles.  Once removed from the cuffs, two twins in the courtroom signaled to Resiles’ getaway car by coughing through a phone that he was on the move.


Once outside of the building, two accomplices were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Resiles who then appeared and was driven away to an apartment on Oakland Park Boulevard. As the days continued on, the location of Resiles continually changed. Eventually, the accomplices who aided Resiles in his escape have been recognized, and arrested. Laquay Stern, 18 has been identified as the driver of the getaway car, and the two twins inside the courtroom were Kretron and TreVon Barnes. Paige Lazarya Jackson, 18, and Francine Mesadiue, 31, have also been arrested as they assisted Resiles by providing him with a disguise and facilitating three-way phone calls while in jail prior to his escape.

Although Resiles had help escaping, it is still unknown who provided him with a key to his restraints.

Local defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale note that while many of the details to this premeditated scheme have been revealed, it is still unknown who provided Resiles with a key to remove his restraints. Resiles was recaptured in West Palm beach and the Sun-Sentinel has provided an update on July 26th stating that Resiles is being held in isolation and his criminal defense lawyer in the only person who is able to make contact with him.

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