If you know someone who has been arrested in Fort Meyers, Florida, and you want to get them out of jail, you can have them released on a reasonable bond. If the friend or family member you are trying to help out has committed a serious felony or a capital crime, then you won’t be allowed to use the bond option to have them even temporarily released from prison.

Individuals who have committed a more serious crime can be entitled to something called an Arthur hearing. This hearing acts as a mini-trial in which the judge decides if there are grounds to let a person out of jail with a bond or an ankle monitor until their case proceeds forward.

Depending on the type of crime that was committed, you will have to pay a different bond amount to get the desired person out of jail. If the person you are trying to free has no prior criminal history then they may be released on a pre-trial release.

In a pre-trial release, the person being released from jail will not be required to pay a specific amount, but they will be monitored carefully afterward to ensure they do not try and escape before their actual trial begins. If the person is careful to follow the rules set out for them, then they will be allowed to remain outside jail while their court case is proceeding forward.

If a person is released on pre-trial services, and they violate the rules set out for them then they will most likely be given a warrant from the court and a bond will be required of them.

Calling a criminal defense lawyer for legal assistance in Fort Meyers, Florida


Anyone who is being convicted of a crime should get in touch with a  criminal defense lawyer without any delay to make sure they do not face more charges then they have to for the crime they committed or the crime they are being accused of.

Trying to represent yourself in court is an option, but it is not the smartest option, especially if you are being convicted of a more serious crime. The more serious the crime is, the more you will need someone who is experienced with legal protocol to help you during the court process.

If you decide to represent yourself and the other party has a good lawyer then there are very high chances you will end up facing serious charges in court, charges that could have otherwise been lifted, or at least, reduced by a certain degree if you had a lawyer representing you.

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