There are a number of different crimes defined in each state’s statutory laws. A conviction after being charged with any one of these crimes can be a life changing incident, which is why it is important to obtain proper legal help. 

A local crime report in the Destin area focused on a man who impersonated a law enforcement officer after a road rage incident. 

Truck driver uses blue lights to intimidate another motorist

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office believes that the incident began on Highway 98 at around 7:30 pm with some kind of argument between the suspect and another driver. The suspect pulled his pickup truck behind the other car and turned on its LED lights and other flashing blue lights. After tailgating the other car for a short distance, he pulled up beside the driver and displayed credentials from his wallet and made some other unknown statements. Deputies from Okaloosa County later caught up with his black pickup truck and made an arrest based on the information they obtained through their investigation. The 32 year old male suspect was charged with one count of impersonating a law enforcement officer.  

Regardless of the specific charge, a criminal defense lawyer can be valuable in these kinds of situations for a number of reasons. 

Making sure the state can prove each element of the crime

As a basic principle of the American criminal justice system, the state must prove all elements of a crime beyond all reasonable doubt. At the conclusion of each criminal trial in the state of Florida, the jury is given standard instructions with all elements listed based on the specific charges that the state has brought against the defendant. Prosecutors know this and they will sometimes drop or reduce charges if the know one element may not be proven beyond all reasonable doubt based on the information available. This can be due to things like a missing witness or piece of crucial evidence, or because the case is weak all around. A criminal defense lawyer knows how to strategize to play off of the relative strengths and weaknesses of each case.    

Plea negotiations

Another related issue is the ability to negotiate a plea deal for a lesser sentence. Prosecutors often will allow a defendant to simply take a lesser sentence to end the case and avoid the time and expense of going to trial. 

Attorneys who practice in the Destin area will have to speak with prosecutors assigned to your case and get a sense of the state’s intentions. Sometimes, prosecutors may offer a generous plea for a number of different reasons. Criminal defense lawyers will always check for the best deal possible with the most lenient sentence and advise their client of the consequences before moving forward to close out the case.   

Get help from a local criminal defense attorney

If you have recently been charged with a crime in the Destin area, defense lawyers are available to have a conversation with you. The attorneys at ASG Legal can provide professional representation and advice as you navigate the local criminal justice system.