Houston, Texas has developed a reputation as one of the worst cities in the U.S. for drug overdoses and health complications

Drug experts give details about why Houston has become dangerous

An operations officer for the federal Drug Enforcement Agency said that Houston had experienced the most number of drug overdose deaths in the time that he has worked for the government. Many of the illegal drugs that were intercepted contained a mix of substances such as talcum powder or baking soda that were used as cutting agents. Drugs that are lacking in proper purity standards are even more dangerous than controlled substances that are subjected to purity standards before being tested and issued.  

Drug agents believe that many of the overdoses or situations where someone ingests an improperly mixed substance are accidental. Even criminals who deal with street drugs would rather have consistent customers than kill them off through an overdose or tainted narcotics. Some agents have testified that they have found drugs mixed with as much as one third to fifty percent of these toxic cutting agents. A coroner for the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office has also said he has seen people die from ingesting a controlled substance, but thought that they were taking something else entirely. These kinds of honest mistakes can prove to be fatal depending on the drug or prescription involved and the person’s overall health. Drugs often become mixed in odd ways, especially if someone is taking a combination of both legitimate prescriptions and illegal drugs for recreational purposes. Once someone develops this kind of habit, there is really no quality control or oversight related to what they are putting in their bodies. Some over the counter health supplements can cause reactions with prescription or illegal drugs as well. 

DEA laboratories were in the process of analyzing fatal cases to come up with better treatment methods for those who have overdosed or developed serious health complications. 

The problem of drug side effects and the potential for death

Both prescription drugs and street drugs can potentially cause deadly side effects. Every year, a number of apparently legitimate prescription drugs and supplements are recalled due to causing serious health problems. Some of these issues can include birth defects, increased cancer risk, blood clots, and allergic reactions. In extreme cases, someone can die after experiencing a reaction from a drug. 

Because of these potential problems, drug distributors and manufacturers can be held liable in civil court when someone is injured or killed by their products. 

Get assistance after any drug related injury

You can speak with a drug injury attorney if you have been harmed by any medications or experienced an overdose. To learn more about civil lawsuits against the business or person responsible, contact:

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