As parents are well aware, the lives of their children always come first. Many sleepless nights and lengthy days involving ballet recitals, karate practice, or basketball games take much of the time left in the day that is not devoted to working or taking care of household chores. While being a parent is not always the easiest job the in the world, it is probably regarded by many as the most rewarding. Throughout a child’s life, many accidents, mishaps, or misunderstandings may occur, and the outcomes can sometimes not only affect the child themselves, but also the parent who works so diligently to provide them with all that they need.

Moments such as those, where a child is involved in an accident and fingers are being pointed in the direction of the parent for providing inattentive care is when knowing where to turn for help can save you from a wrongful conviction or charge placed on your record. Not always are parents wrongfully accused of abusing their children, however, things happen in the home that may appear to be one thing, but in reality, it was a simple mishap that occurred.

Criminal defense lawyers in Texas want those found guilty of child abuse, yet are innocent from the crime alleged, to know that there are options, one being represented by the highest quality legal support team.

Below are some common misjudged situations that lead others to believe a child has been abused.

  • If parents find themselves going through a divorce and are struggling with custody, one individual may take it upon themselves to make false allegations of child abuse by the other parent in an effort to reduce that parent’s visitation rights.
  • When a child receives injuries from a fight with another child, a slip and fall accident while playing outside, or a fall from a bike. If the parent is not imposing direct, intentional harm to their child, an injury abstained from a mishap is technically not a form of child abuse.
  • Texas criminal defense lawyers reiterate to parents that you are given the right to discipline your children as long as the punishment does not cause harm or injuries to the child. General forms of discipline include spanking or a threat of being spanked. If you have a legitimate reason as to why your child is being reprimanded, it may be misconstrued as abuse rather than recognizing your child for their wrongdoing.
  • Parents are also given the right to practice any religion. This means they can reject specific medical treatment. If a child is ill, and a parent refuses to put that child through the medical care being suggested, it can sometimes give off the idea that the parent is neglecting their child’s needs, rather than being cautious or adhering to their religion.

Whether you found yourself disciplining your child, or they suffered from minor injuries due to an accident, and allegations are made on your behalf that you abused your child, confer with one of our acclaimed criminal defense legal representatives in Texas today so see how they can help clarify these wrongful accusations, allowing you to carry on with your life.