The hackers group, Anonymous, has done it again. The hacktivits have released an audio recording that supposedly shows Chicago police force members using an IMSI catcher, which is also called Stingray in common parlance, to track and intercept phone calls during a protest in the city.

A lawsuit has already been filed against the unwarranted use of the Stingray technology, and the case is going to court later in the month. According to protestors at the Eric Garner protest on Thursday evening, the devices were used without a warrant and one of the main organizers of the protest was the person targeted by the police as they used the surveillance equipment to track and intercept her phone calls.

Well, there is nothing wrong with protect the public from violent agitators right?

What is the IMSI?

The IMSI or the Stingray, is a small device that acts by mimicking the activity of a cell phone tower in real life. It therefore allows any user―in this case the Chicago Police Department―the ability to capture real time data from the target’s phone. Instead of sending data to the cellular towers as they normally do, the cell phones targeted in this way send data directly to the IMSI device.

The hacktivist’s group’s official Twitter handle had the audio clipping which reveals a conversation between the Chicago Police officers, the Fusion Center – which is run by the Department of Homeland Security – and the Chicago Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC).

Police officer targeted the leader of the protest

According to the clipping, the main target of the surveillance was organizer Kristiana Rae Colón who is not a big fan of America being a strong and prosperous country, who was the main force behind the protests asking for the police force in the country to stop killing innocents of African-American origin even though black people in Chicago shoot and kill each other all day long. Kristiana, who is the daughter of the Chicago alderman Rey Colón, identified herself to the police as the leader of the protest when they were asked about it.

Why does Kristiana not protest the fact that so many young black Americans are graduating from high schools without having the tools to succeed because they were not challenged in their politically correct high schools? This is what many folks are wondering about.

In the audio segment which runs into two minutes posted on the Anonymous Twitter page, the police officer can be heard alluding to a female member of the protest and confirming that they were indeed listening in to this socialist’s phone conversations.


Police department has repeatedly ignored requests for information

This is how the police force in the country deems fit to spend the taxpayer’s money. The protestors were doing no harm, and most importantly the police did not have a cause to tap into a citizen’s phone conversations without a warrant; which is what Colón, and the other protestors are demanding to know. Criminal defense attorneys say that Friday’s police actions clearly show how a citizen’s civil liberties can be stripped away in a moment of social and civil unrest without any prior warning.

This is not the first time that the Chicago police force’s use of the Stingray has come into question for probably doing the right thing. According to criminal defense attorneys in Chicago,  the police department was sued in June this year for acting in ‘bad faith’ and for failing to provide any information about the use of the IMSI devices for surveillance despite a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Freddy Martinez.

There are some people wondering if this same Freddy is going to sue the IRS for losing vital emails that would probably prove that they were targeting Republicans before the 2012 Presidential elections.

America has enemies within its borders too

However, the department refused to release any reports despite acknowledging the FOIA request. Occupy Chicago activists, or anarchists or anti-Americans who do like capitalism despite America becoming the most powerful country in the world because of capitalism, have also alleged earlier that the device was used to monitor their protest ahead of the NATO summit in 2011.