For the most part, there are thousands of insurance fraud cases reported every year to fraud bureaus established all over US. Insurance fraud happens when an individual or a company intentionally misrepresents facts to claim insurance.

The job of these bureaus is to investigate and hold the perpetrators liable for the fraud. Fraud is treated as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the nature and extent of the crime, explain fabulous criminal defense lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI and there is no one better in this regard than Gordon & Hess, PLC who know how to win cases a variety of ways and they know how to take advantage of the other side’s mistakes.

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It is critical to understand that a few insurance companies can also be involved in fraudulent activities. There are some providers that do not honor a claim even when there is no reasonable ground for denial. Most insurance providers pay huge retainers to legal teams in case they are forced to face prosecution due to fraud. Another common type of insurance fraud is healthcare fraud, which falls under the purview of federal laws.

The general public pays a very heavy price for fraud. Insurance providers also lose billions of dollars every year due to fraud. For this very purpose, many providers demand higher premiums to make up for the losses.

In the not so funny movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry with Adam Sandler and Kevin James who play Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine, respectively, the irresponsible Larry wants to make his kids the primary beneficiaries but the insurance company will not do this since they are not adults. Larry’s wife is deceased. So Larry decides to fake the system out and marry Chuck, his best friend. Chuck owes Larry since Larry saved his life and so on.

Now this is fraud any way you look at it. This is just one of the reasons this movie was widely criticized. This is not something you want to do. This is fiction and even in this fictional universe this is a white collar crime. The movie has a happy but ridiculous ending. You cannot expect this to happen, not only is it not worth the risk there are other ways to help out your children and putting your career in jeopardy should not be one of them.

Elements that form the basis of insurance fraud

Michigan criminal defense attorneys reiterate that if a claimant knowingly deceives the company by making a false statement, then it can be construed as insurance fraud, in the opinion of criminal defense lawyers. If a person makes a genuine mistake then the person will not be held responsible as long as the error is reported to the insurance company in a timely manner.


The false statement must have the potential to influence the outcome of the insurance claim. For example, claimants often give false statements and evidence to pitch for a claim which is more than they are entitled to.

Some doctors and medical institutions often provide false statements showing that they provided a patient certain costly services which they then claim from healthcare insurance providers. Grand Rapids, MI criminal defense lawyers reiterate that the false statement must have some bearing on the claim. A false statement that will have no impact on the claim is not considered as fraud.

Types of insurance fraud

Healthcare Fraud: This happens when a physician bills an insurance provider for a procedure that was never performed. It can also happen when an individual claims money for injuries or ailments that have not happened.

Automobile Claims: People often exaggerate the extent of damages following an auto accident or the severity of their injuries to receive higher compensation from the insurer.

Life: Claimants can falsify their own death or death of a loved one to claim insurance. This is usually done by forging a death certificate.

Property Fraud: Property owners can claim insurance by setting fire to the premises that they own or by staging a fake robbery where they can show that certain insured expensive items simply were stolen.

Sometimes, people unknowingly become involved in some type of insurance fraud. If you find yourself in such a situation, make sure to seek help from a criminal defense lawyer in Michigan as soon as possible and this should be from Gordon & Hess, PLC who have an uncanny ability to win cases. Call them today!