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The very first thing you need to know if you face a criminal charge in the state of Georgia is the fact that Georgia is the number one state when it comes to the degree of criminal punishment handed out in sentencing. They want to send that ultimate message to any criminal!

In layman terms, what that basically means is that the repercussions of a criminal conviction are most severe and reprimanding in Georgia when compared to any other state.

Therefore, your prison sentences could be years longer (or weeks longer too), your fines higher in the order of thousands of dollars, etc. Obviously, your exact sentencing depends on the crime you have committed and the way you plead to it.

Keeping in mind these strict punishments that a Georgia judge will not hesitate to burden upon you, it is clear why it would be ever so unfortunate for someone who is innocent and wrongly charged to actually be convicted by the state prosecutors and sentenced to severe punishments. This is why it is imperative that you fight for your innocence and do everything you can to defend yourself against a criminal charge in Georgia.

Of course, it is not going to be easy to beat some of the hardest charging prosecutors in America at their own game, but with the right legal professional by your side, you will most certainly have the best chance of successfully defending yourself.


Why a Georgia criminal defense lawyer can make a world of difference


If you were to represent yourself in trial, then the reality is that your chances of success are going to be slim. You are going to be up against prosecutors who are merciless, who know the criminal law in The Peach State like the back of their hands and who will stop at nothing to ensure that you are put behind bars for as long as possible.

However, our legal representatives are the cream of the crop, a lot of them are former criminal prosecutors themselves and know all the loopholes and tricks in the books which can be used to disprove the prosecutor’s claims. Remember, they are well versed with the statutes and codes, and viable means of defense.

There may be some cases where the prosecution may simply have too much evidence against you, and disproving the prosecution may not be a feasible alternative. If this happens to be the case, our Georgia criminal defense lawyers, who can be found on our magnificent website for free, will carefully weigh the pros and cons and may actually ask you to plead guilty to the charge you are facing.

However, in exchange for pleading guilty, they will be able to reach out to prosecutors and strike a deal where you plead guilty, but instead of being convicted of your original charge/s, you will be convicted of a lesser crime with a substantially reduced sentence.

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