FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – Many people suspected of committing a crime are caught, as they say, “red handed.” However, one man who has been accused of a serious offense in Ft. Lauderdale can say that he was caught “gold mouthed,” so to speak.

Christopher Mackey, 35, was brought into custody a week after he allegedly pulled a knife on a woman in Fort Lauderdale and assaulted her. According to police, Mackey forced the victim into an abandoned building on Tuesday, August 18, and attacked her with the weapon.

Mackey, who has a long-standing criminal history that includes cocaine possession and miscellaneous drug charges, has reportedly been in and out of prison since 2002. The last time he was released from jail was on Christmas Eve, back in 2013.

Not only do police allege that Mackey attempted sexual assault on the female victim, but officials also contend that he was in violation of probation that followed a 2010 grand theft charge. After reviewing the incident, Mackey was charged with one count of sexual battery with a weapon and one count of kidnapping to commit or facilitate a felony. These are some pretty severe charges, which carry serious penalties. There is a very real possibility that if convicted, Mackey will spend the rest of his life in prison.


What’s in Store for Mackey?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact punishment Mackey could face for the latest criminal offense, if he is convicted. Still, given his laundry list of prior offenses the suspect has amassed, it’s doubtful a judge will be lenient. It would be a wise choice, at this point, for Mackey to hire a top Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer. That is, if he doesn’t want to spend the next several years of his life back in jail.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense team is crucial in this particular case, given the unique circumstances of the incident. The case has the potential to go in either direction for the suspect. But the odds will definitely be against Mackey if he chooses to forgo representation.

Here’s the reason why.

At first glance, this appears to be just an average assault crime; no different than any other offense…right? Mmm, not so much. This particular suspect takes the “gold.” Or rather, the gold would seem to have taken him.

The reason why Mackey was caught was because the victim claims that she remembered some striking features about her assailant: a scar under his left eye and his two gold teeth.

Once an investigation into the incident was set in motion, authorities say they found Mackey’s DNA at the scene of the crime.

But the question still remains: did police catch the right guy?

We know that investigators claim they found Mackey’s DNA at the crime scene and that the victim told police her assailant had a scar and two gold teeth. But what was the actual sequence of events?

Did the victim tell police about the gold teeth prior to Mackey being arrested or before? Did she know Mackey? If so, was she harboring a grudge against him, leading her to accuse him of a serious offense?

These are all important questions, whose answers can sway the case in either way.

Let’s say Mackey’s DNA was found at the scene. Does this prove he committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt? Not at all. In the end, it’s up to a judge and jury to decide. This is why hiring a criminal attorney is especially critical in this particular situation.

There are so many variables to consider, including whether or not Mackey may have been framed – which has been the case in a host of sexual harassment and assault accusations. Criminal defense lawyers who have experience with these kinds of charges know exactly how structure their case and look for evidence that will help their clients avoid the penalties associated with their offenses.