A Fort Walton Beach, Florida woman was arrested for attacking a family member with a knife during an argument over a phone. 

North Florida woman attempts to stab a family member

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic dispute over a woman who had her phone taken away. Apparently, her family member who paid the phone bill was disappointed that she was using drugs and intoxicated, so she took the phone away. The 21 year old female suspect became irate and got involved in a verbal dispute at this point. 

The arrest report said that the suspect became belligerent while arguing. She punched the other family member in the chest and slapped her. They began struggling and shoving each other, then the suspect pulled out a knife to inflict more serious harm. After more of a struggle and an attempted stabbing, the other family member was able to grab the suspect’s wrist and take the knife away. The victim said that the suspect had attempted to hit and stab her multiple times during the altercation. 

The suspect and the victim were the only two people who lived in the Fort Walton Beach home. 

The perpetrator was arrested and taken away from the scene. Police said that she will likely be charged with aggravated assault

Crimes that involve violence and attempts at physical harm

Violent crimes generally have more serious sentences than property crimes because of the possibility of seriously hurting or killing another person. Many of these crimes are charged as felonies, including aggravated battery or assault and attempted murder. There is an intent element of every crime that will determine how severely the suspect wanted to harm someone or possibly even kill them. 

What is a felony charge? 

A felony is defined as any crime that carries a potential prison sentence of one year or longer. A misdemeanor is punishable by less than one year of prison time, and is usually reserved for offenses that are not considered as serious. However, both misdemeanors and felonies can carry months of probation, fines, and other burdensome conditions as part of a plea deal or sentence. 

Because of the severity of these sentences, it is important to get help from a defense attorney. The state needs their prosecutors to prove every element of the crime beyond all reasonable doubt. When this cannot be done, the jury is instructed to declare the defendant not guilty. A lawyer can review your case to see if there is enough evidence to prove all of these elements.

Get help from a Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyer

Local attorneys are available to assist you with defending against the state’s charges. Be sure to get legal advice from the professionals at ASG Legal before taking any action on your case.

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