Local news for Okaloosa County, Florida reported on a couple that was arrested for various drug charges related to a nuisance structure in the Fort Walton Beach area. 

Police execute search warrant and find drugs and paraphernalia

Based on prior information about the suspects, the Okaloosa County Multi Agency Drug Task Force executed a warrant at 910 Judson Street, which is close to the Fort Walton Beach border. Law enforcement had received information that the couple was operating in a structure that was declared a public nuisance and selling narcotics. 

Once inside the structure, they found needles, plastic bags, and a powder residue that later tested positive for heroin. Most of this contraband was in the bedroom that the couple shared inside. 

The couple included a 27 year old male and 39 year old female. They were both charged with a third degree felony for keeping a nuisance structure for drug activity. Other arrests were made in the area as well. A 28 year old male and two females in their 30s were also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.  

Local police had received dozens of calls in the prior months related to the residence for stolen property, drug use, and recovery of stolen vehicles. About three months earlier, four other people had been arrested at the same address. 

The task force that responded to the area is composed of police officers and agents from Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, and Okaloosa County. 

Drug crimes and forms of defense against the government’s accusations

Drug crimes can carry serious penalties, including probation, fines, mandatory treatment, and jail time. It is important to retain a criminal defense lawyer and discuss your case with them as soon as you are charged to avoid the worst consequences of any criminal case. In most situations, you lawyer can raise reasonable doubt or have evidence suppressed on issues such as mistaken identity, constitutional protections against searches and seizures, and the conduct of the police officers during the arrest and booking. It may be advisable at other times to go to trial and allow a jury to decide on the issue of guilt rather than accepting a guilty plea. However, in some instances where the evidence of guilt is overwhelming, a defense attorney may still be able to negotiate a more favorable plea with the local prosecutor on your behalf. 

To learn how these strategies fit the specifics of your charges, schedule a meeting with a local lawyer before making any decisions or accepting a plea offered by the state. 

Speak with a criminal attorney about your case

There are Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyers who can assist you with defending against the state’s charges. To learn more about this process, contact the attorneys at:

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