Jail time and having to pay fines are two of the most common forms of punishment criminals face once they are arrested. However, there are also alternative forms of sentencing as well that are available for certain categories of crimes. One such alternative is drug court. If a person qualifies for drug court and they are successfully able to complete the program, they will have all the charges against them dropped. Individuals who have committed drug crimes and the evidence is clear should consider this route. A criminal defense attorney can examine their case and let them know if they are eligible to apply for drug court and what their other options are.

Drug court programs include drug testing and monitoring, regularly scheduled case reviews, support groups, and individual counseling as well. If a person did not commit a drug crime, they have alternative options to jail such as day reporting, and mental health court. Once again, these individuals must be eligible to enter. For day reporting, a person must have committed a non-violent crime and they must report daily to the probation officer.

If it is uncovered that an offender has a mental illness, they can opt for mental health court so they can get the treatment they need. If a person committed a non-violent crime, they may even have their criminal charges dismissed entirely by undergoing court-ordered counseling.

What is community control in Fort Myers, Florida?

Community control can include work release, probation, electronic monitoring, or house arrest. This form of legal penalization gives a person more freedom than jail, but still has them under close watch when they are released back into society. There are various levels to this control, and a person may either have to report their schedule daily, or they may have a GPS tracker placed on them. Community control is generally extremely strict and restricts a person to certain areas such as their home, workplace, and school.

There are alternatives to jail, and there is always hope that a person may be eligible for these options and that they can have a clear criminal record. No matter what sort of crime a person committed, they should reach out to a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Robert Foley to get legal help and to increase their chances of receiving lighter penalties for the crime they committed. If a person is innocent, they should still connect with a lawyer so they can build the correct defense and present their case clearly in court.

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