Creating a polished defense that is well-planned is the most important aspect of any drug case. No matter how light or severe the situation seems, if a person does not have the necessary legal points in order, they will not be successful in court and will likely have to face more penalties than is absolutely necessary.

One of the mistakes that are made during the criminal defense process is that people end up pleading guilty right away. A person should speak with their lawyer and fill them in on the details of the situation so they can enter a plea of not guilty and try to prove it with the evidence they have collected. Pleading not guilty is usually a very good option for those who were illegally searched, or when the drug evidence was maliciously planted on a person.

Pleading not guilty is also a good option for those who are being opposed with weak evidence, as it is easier to disprove the prosecutor and have the charges dropped. Getting called in for a drug crime is scary and individuals going through this will need the help of a criminal defense attorney to support them along the way and make their situation that much easier for them. When a person stands in court, they will be very intimidated, to say the least, and the assistance of a lawyer goes a long way in such situations. Their experience and knowledge can turn any legal situation around for the better, so everyone has a fighting chance of having their concerns addressed fairly in a court situation.

Fort Myers, Florida, False Charges of Drug Possession

When a person is falsely accused of drug possession, they will need the help of an attorney to help them out more than anything. Depending on how much evidence the prosecutor has, a person will need to create their case accordingly. The sad truth is, many times individuals are completely innocent, but they are framed in such a way that everyone believes they were the criminals.

Drug-related crimes usually always involve that a person faces some time in jail and also that they pay significant fines. No one should have to develop a criminal record and pay significant amounts of money because of the false suspicion of another person.

This is a highly stressful and unfair situation to be in and anyone who finds themselves in this position should connect with a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Robert Foley to start creating a thorough legal defense and to protect their freedom.

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