Drug charges have profoundly serious consequences and anyone who is accused or faced with such a crime will need the help of a criminal defense attorney to help them with the criminal procedure. The more legal help a person gets, the greater their chances are of getting their charges reduced.

The exact consequence a person faces will vary based on their exact situation. Factors such as the amount of drug a person had in their possession and for what purpose the drugs were being used will change the outcome of their legal penalties. The more people that were being harmed by the possession of the drugs, the worse the punishment will be.

The type of drug a person was holding on to, the purpose for which they were using the drug, and even factors such as if there were children exposed to the substances will all be considered when the court decides what penalties should be given to the offender.

If a person wants to stand a fighting chance at defending themselves and explaining why they had the drugs, an attorney will be required on their side to help them with the case. The police officers that confront a person will have to follow specific procedures during the arrest and when they collect evidence. If they do not follow the protocol, a person may have their charges reduced or even dropped. Once again, the details of the case vary for each person and a criminal defense attorney can advise a person on the best situation for their case.

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Drug crime convictions can cause a person a lot of trouble for a long period. Anyone who wants to protect their record and their future opportunities should make sure they speak with a criminal defense attorney to help defend their case.

An attorney should be contacted as soon as possible because the longer a person waits, the more likely it becomes that they will say or do something that makes their situation worse. Also, waiting too long may result in the loss of essential time-sensitive evidence that could help prove the innocence of a person to help prove that the police officer failed to follow the required procedure when conducting their investigations and interviews.

A criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Robert Foley can assess a person’s case and let them know what legal defenses can be used to help them reduce their charges so they don’t have to live with the penalties for an extended period of time.

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