Every state has drug laws that are implemented when a person is caught committing drug-related crimes. Florida has some drug laws that are the same as other states, while some are unique. Federal drug laws apply across all of the United States and usually stand the test of time, but Florida-specific drug laws often change as time passes, this can make it confusing for individuals to understand the extent of the penalties they may have to face based on the crime they committed.

A criminal defense attorney who is up to date with the laws can inform a person of the penalties they may be facing. Better yet, they can help them build a legal defense so they are not severely penalized for the crime they were caught in. if a person is innocent and they were unjustly accused, a lawyer can help prove their innocence by making sure to pursue the correct legal avenues.

In most cases, a drug charge is considered a state crime, but the crime may be classified as a federal crime in some situations. For instance, if a person is caught with a large number of narcotics in their possession, they will likely be classified as having committed a federal crime and not a state crime. No matter what category a person falls into, they should still connect with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to try and reduce their penalties.

What are the different types of drug crimes in Fort Myers, Florida?

There are various drug charges a person may face in Florida, and they can be divided into three categories. The first category is drug possession, and a person falls into this if they have possession of smaller amounts of illegal drugs that they were using for personal reasons. Next, comes the topic of drug distribution and a person fits into this if they sell illegal drugs.  Lastly, there is the option of drug trafficking, and a person fits into this category if they sell a larger quantity of illegal drugs.

A person may have legal grounds to appeal a drug conviction based on the details of their case. The general rule of thumb is that the more harm a person caused and the more drugs they had in their possession, the more severe their legal penalty will be. If they had any previous convictions, this would also make their case a lot harder to deal with and contest in court.

Anyone who is arrested for a drug crime should reach out to a criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Robert Foley to get help defending themselves and reducing their penalties.

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