Fort Myers, FL – In the state of Florida, driving with a suspended or invalid license can result in serious penalties, including criminal charges. People who have issues with their licenses should try to resolve them with the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as soon as possible. Sometimes, the government will run various programs to help large numbers of people get a valid license quickly and efficiently to avoid these penalties. 

Lee County announces Operation Greenlight

Certain individuals who are having issues with their driver’s licenses in Florida may be eligible for a convenient reinstatement program. Lee County is holding a special program where people can reinstate their driver’s license virtually with the assistance of local judges, volunteers, and members of the tax collector’s office. This event, named Operation Greenlight, is scheduled for certain dates in November of 2020. Eligible participants will also be able to save money through reduced fees and fines. 

The Lee County Clerk’s Office is encouraging local drivers to contact them to learn more about the program and the possibility of savings. 

Program details

Lee County residents who have a suspended driver’s license can meet virtually with a county employee through the Zoom program to discuss their issues. It may be possible to have administrative fees or late fees waived or reduced during this special program, which will result in serious savings for drivers. Similar programs in recent years have resulted in thousands of dollars saved and hundreds of reinstated licenses. 

License reinstatements can help avoid an arrest

Anyone who is driving with a suspended license in the state of Florida can technically be arrested by a police officer and charged with a misdemeanor. This happens to thousands of residents in the state each year, and many times it is due to unpaid fines and traffic tickets. Another common reason for a license suspension is charges for driving under the influence. People arrested in this manner will also usually have to invest in the services of a defense attorney.  Many drivers who are puled over and charged by the state do not even realize that there is the potential to be arrested, yet a suspended license charge is in fact criminal rather than an additional traffic offense. Lee County residents who may be at risk for these penalties should check on the status of their license and participate in this special program to eliminate the possibility of an arrest. 

Learning more about traffic offenses and license issues

There are attorneys who assist their clients with traffic tickets, driver’s license suspensions, and related issues throughout the Gulf Coast of Florida. Michael Raheb is an experienced attorney who is available to assist clients in the Fort Myers area. 

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