As the year’s pass, and the harm drugs cause to society becomes more evident and more urgent, drug laws have become tougher. Drug laws can be found in the Florida statutes chapter 893 and this chapter outlines the controlled substances that are illegal for a person to have possession of. Drug laws include the mandatory minimum sentences that a person can get for handling drugs, the driver’s license suspensions, the fines they will have to pay, and the property forfeitures they will be forced to undertake if they are charged and arrested for crimes of this nature.

It is considered a crime to have any illegal drug in one’s possession, and even pills and designer drugs such as K2 come under this category as well. It is also illegal for a person to have paraphernalia or drug-related tools.

The different categories of drug crimes are as follows:

  • Paraphernalia
  • Simple possession
  • Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Drug trafficking

Paraphernalia consists of any item used to inhale, grow, or store drugs. Simple possession entails having a small number of drugs for personal use and drug trafficking refers to owning excessive quantities of drugs with the intention to sell and distribute on a large scale. If a person is arrested based on these charges, they should make sure they get in touch with a criminal defense attorney to get help building a case and to get assistance through the legal process.

Steps to take if arrested for a drug crime in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

No matter what category of drug crime a person is arrested for, they should make sure they speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to increase their chances of having their charges dismissed or reduced.

Drug crimes have serious consequences and can lead to a person facing profoundly serious penalties. Even a misdemeanor drug crime can result in a person losing their license for two years and going to jail for a whole year. However, if the drugs were obtained by officers in an illegal manner or there was a breach in the procedure when the drugs were being confiscated, a person may be able to have the evidence removed from the court proceeding.

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