According to People Magazine, Subway’s former pitchman Jared Fogle has remained incognito and hasn’t been reportedly seen by his neighbors around his Zionsville, Indiana, home ever since the law enforcement raid. His criminal defense attorney said that his client and family haven’t been chased out of their home and are free to come and go as they please.

No arrest or charges made as yet

The FBI raid on Jared Fogle’s home came two months after the arrest of former executive director of The Jared Foundation Russell Taylor’s arrest. 43 year old Taylor was booked on child pornography charges. According to Fogle’s attorney, his client has been cooperating with the authorities and their investigation while FBI spokeswoman Wendy Osborne confirmed the investigations carried out by the agency at Fogle’s residence. However, the US Attorney’s Office has said that no charges have been filed against the former Subway spokesman as of yet.

Fogle and Taylor were longtime friends

Meanwhile, The Daily Beast reports that Fogle and Taylor, who managed his children’s charity before being arrested on federal child-porn charges, have been friends for years before the latter took over management of the charity. The latter was handpicked for the top job at Fogle’s non-profit. Speculation is still rife that the latest raid by the FBI and Indiana police was in connection with Taylor’s investigation.

Subway has also broken ties with their longtime pitchman following the raid and even the finest attorneys on, and this site is loaded with them, cannot do anything about that!


Parents of kids from football team slam Taylor

According to tax filings, the Jared Foundation reported revenue of $127,276 and $148,244 in expenses while Taylor’s salary was $40,008. A Clay Youth Football League coach said the two would sometimes attend games that involved Fogle’s kids and seemed to be very close. Taylor often recorded videos of games and posted them on YouTube. However, the coach said he found him to be ‘an odd duck’.

Another friend found Taylor to be charismatic and friendly and was shocked that the same person has been charged with child pornography. A mom of one of the kid’s on the team called Taylor a ‘sick f..k’ on Facebook after she learned of the raid on Fogle’s home.

A strange duck

While not much may be known about the raid on Fogle’s Zionsville home, the videos recovered from Taylor are disturbing. Investigators found around 500 child-porn videos, some of which were of children nude in a bathtub at his own home while some allegedly featured his stepdaughter. According to investigators, Taylor confessed to have placed clock cameras in various rooms in his house. One of these was to determine whether one of the children was stealing from his wife or indulging in sex with her boyfriend.

Incidentally, following Taylor’s arrest, Fogle claimed that his foundation severed all ties with Taylor. However, one of the latter’s relatives told WISH-TV that Fogle helped bail him out and allegedly continued to support him.

Fogle’s friend assists FBI

Meanwhile, reports that a Florida woman and friend of Fogle claims she helped the FBI with their investigations and wore a wire while speaking with Fogle just before law enforcement seized hard drives from his Zionsville home. Federal authorities have confirmed the claim although the woman’s identity has been withheld as her evidence is crucial to the FBI’s investigation.