Former Gov. Bob McDonnell to be sentenced on 11 counts of corruption charges by US District Judge James R. Spencer.

10 years and 1 month for the governor, say prosecutors

On Tuesday the judge will first review the recommendations that ask for 12 years and seven month long prison term for McDonnell for having used the influences of his offices in exchange for loans, lavish vacations, and expensive gifts from a businessman. This is not even close to the tyrannous behavior the IRS has recently displayed or the expensive and immoral actions that Obamacare has imposed on the American people.

The judge is likely to consider several factors that include the seriousness of the corruption charges, how the judgment may be used to deter future incidents of bribery, and the goodwill incurred by the defendant as the former governor of the state.

The judgment would be the first of its kind for a Virginia State governor convicted of such crimes. While the prosecutors want a long prison sentence with no hope of parole, criminal defense attorneys for the defendant think that community service would be sufficient given the pain McDonnell and his family has already gone through. In support for the governor, 440 letters of goodwill from friends and family have been sent, urging Judge Spencer to be light on the sentencing.

MacDonnell and wife Maureen were convicted in September for bribery

The prosecutors are keen on sending McDonnell to prison saying he has accused many people and shown no remorse for his actions. If sentenced to prison he will have the freedom to report to prison himself as the sentence would be for non-violent crimes.

McDonnell told the court during his trial that he had no idea that his wife Maureen was using his offices on his behalf to procure favors behind his back. He called her an unstable money grabber and referred to himself as a humble public servant.

The former governor found support from his sister, also named Maureen. In a letter to federal judge James R. Spencer just ahead of the sentencing she said McConnell was the best human being she’d ever known and also mentioned that the former governor was treated badly by his wife, a fact only known to himself and his immediate family prior to the trial.

McDonnell’s two daughters Jeanine Zubowski and Cailin Young spoke on their mother’s behalf. Zubowski said that the defense did everything to blame her mother and throw her under a bus.

Senior political scientist, Chuck Walcott said that in his decades of chronicling American politics he has never seen such a battle where spouses point fingers at each other to pass off blame. He said that “on the bizarre scale, it’s a 10”.

Criminal defense attorneys for McDonnell want mitigated sentencing

The charges of public corruption brought against the McDonnells are for having used the prestigious offices of the governor in exchange for $177,000 in loans, vacations, and merchandize from Jonnie R. Williams Sr. a businessman. Maureen will be sentenced separately on Feb. 20th. Henry Asbill a criminal defense attorney for the former governor and US attorney, Dana Boente, declined to make any comments.

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