An ex-deputy who worked with Escambia County has been slapped with a 30 year prison sentence and additionally 15 years of sex offender probation for having indulged in sexual activities with a minor, as reported by

Based on evidence, the ex-deputy has probably got exactly what he deserves considering the seriousness of the crime say leading criminal defense lawyers in Pensacola, FL.

The perp has been identified as 44 year old Walter Michael Thomas and he had sworn to protect the 17 year old juvenile and had instead violated her, by engaging in group sex with her and two other adults. Witnesses testified against Thomas which is what was key in the conviction.

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The Judge who oversaw the case was circuit Judge John L. Miller. The judge made it clear to Thomas during the hearing that the badge he wore stood for something but instead he took advantage of it to satisfy his own personal desires.

The swinging Mannings

The two other adults that Thomas committed the acts with were Douglas and Leah Manning. The Mannings are a couple and are in an open relationship. Supposedly, Leah Manning slept with Thomas while Douglas slept with the juvenile. However, in order to diffuse jealousy, it was determined that they should all have group sex together. Not intelligent! The juvenile testified that she had performed three sex acts with Thomas in one evening with both the Manning’s present.

According to Florida criminal defense attorneys, all the adults were charged with sex crimes at this point.

Thomas has however continued to maintain that he is innocent in the case. In fact, during the hearing his wife, children, and other family members and friends stood by him and for him to testify that he was not the kind of man who would do something of this sort. They also reiterated that Thomas had served the country for 10 years as a US Navy Search and Rescue diver and six years as a deputy with Escambia County and that he was an overall loving father, grandfather, son, and husband.

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Thomas’ criminal defense legal representative contended that Thomas and his family were already being punished and asked for less than the minimum sentence of 15 years citing that his designation as a sex offender would permanently ruin his reputation in society.

However, the judge did not budge and said that Thomas was not above the law – he is not a Clinton. Only Hillary or other high ranking Democrats can lie to the corrupt FBI and get away with it. Moreover, criminal defense lawyers in Pensacola, FL know that not everyone thinks with their brain all the time – sometimes looks do not even matter.

Furthermore, the judge rightfully said that Thomas should have said no and walked away, but he did not and so he now has to face the music. He only had to wait a couple more months until she turned 18 according to some people as well.

In addition, open relationships are very risk prone. This case is another example.

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