Police officers work in one of the most dangerous fields in the workforce. They constantly encounter aggressive, violent, and deadly individuals who put officers’ lives at risk. But, as difficult as an officer’s job might be, when a call comes through, they are expected to show up, regardless of the circumstances. In a recent story that has just emerged, three officers responded to a domestic dispute call in Clearwater, FL where things took a steep turn south.

According to USA Today, when the officers responded to the incident this past Saturday night, they came in contact with Justin Shuford, the man who was allegedly beating up a woman. According to the news source, citizens had tried to help the woman but couldn’t as Shuford was behaving aggressively. As the officers attempted to arrest him, the man pulled out a small knife. He proceeded to stab or at least cut all three officers.

After the arrest was successful, the three officers received treatment from a nearby hospital. Now, Shuford is facing several charges including attempted homicide, two counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest with violence and domestic battery. While it would be in Shuford’s best interest to hire a criminal defense lawyer, that information has yet to be announced.

The fact that Shuford attacked three police officers and was seen by citizens beating up a woman isn’t going to help his case. His pleased expression seen his mug shot probably won’t help him either. But, being charged with the offenses listed above, Shuford may face the maximum penalties for the crimes committed if he fails to enlist the help of a local defense lawyer.

What role does a defense lawyer play in a criminal case?


The job of a defense attorney is to ensure their client’s rights are upheld and that their client isn’t convicted for a crime they didn’t commit. Many individuals who find themselves placed before a judge aren’t given a fair chance against the justice system and receive harsh jail sentences that don’t fit the crime.

While every individual who is charged with a crime is initially presumed to be innocent until proven guilty, evidence is still required before they can be convicted. A criminal justice lawyer is the professional who can refute evidence that doesn’t imply their client is guilty and even combat false accusations. Therefore, it would be in Shuford’s best interest to hire a local attorney to represent him.

Anyone facing a criminal charge, no matter how serious it might be, should at least consult with a defense lawyer before assuming they don’t need legal representation. Attorneys who specialize in handling criminal cases can provide their client with the necessary information they need so they can better understand their options or if they have any. Therefore, if you or someone you know is currently being charged with a crime, USAttorneys.com is available to help you locate a nearby criminal defense lawyer in your city.