A 30 year old male, Aaron McGriff, confesses to the killing of the 18 year old Adrian Jamal Williams Jr., alleging that it happened during an argument over a gun and was in self-defense.

Man Kills and Confesses Saying it was in Self-Defense

Aaron McGriff, a North Carolina man, voluntarily confessed to killing a younger man, and alleges it be an act of self-defense.

The shooting happened in the woods beside the Grier Heights neighborhood, off Wheatley Avenue, around 9:45 on Monday morning. The family of Aaron McGriff pulled over a NBC van and talked to reporter Tony Burbeck about the shooting. When directly asked by Burbeck if McGriff had shot the man, he replied in the affirmative. However, he claimed to have only been defending himself from harm.

As per McGriff, Williams asked him for a gun and took the gun with him. The next time they met they had an argument that turned ugly during which Williams reached for the gun. McGriff, on noticing the gun as his own, grabbed it from Williams and shot him. McGriff said that he was sorry for the grief caused to all of Williams family, but claimed that there was not much he could have done at the time since he faced a do or die situation.

Family of Murdered Teen in Grief

The family of Williams was grief stricken. Robin Phillips, Williams’ aunt says she is not sure what exactly happened in the woods since there were no witnesses. Criminal defense attorney for Williams will find it difficult to defend Williams in the absence of witnesses. Family and friends of Williams grieved and prayed over his death near the crime scene. Phillips expressed her affection for her nephew saying that she was present at the time of his birth and that she had talked to him just the previous day.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Reviews Case

The police have sought an exclusive interview with NBC as part of their investigation. Meanwhile, a criminal defense attorney believes that this confession could help Aaron in the court room. An NBC reporter claims that they have shown the confession tape to a criminal defense attorney, Chuck Morgan Jr., who is not directly involved with this case.

Morgan explains that the confession would help in the McGriff defense. If the case goes to trial and the tape is allowed to be shown to the jurors, then McGriff could go through the tape step by step with the jury. He would have the opportunity to reaffirm his statement that he did not shoot in anger or was involved in a gunfight but that he shot Williams in self-defense.

Having been a former prosecutor, Morgan says that the confession puts the prosecution ahead in the sense that they are assured of the identity of the killer. Forensic evidence will tell the story via ballistic reports, witnesses if any, DNA, and fingerprinting. How is this information going to answer these questions?:

  • Why is a 30 year old hanging out with an 18 year old and vice versa?
  • What were they doing in the woods in the first place?
  • Did William’s steal the gun from McGriff?
  • Who brought the gun into the woods?