Alleged criminals will often find themselves in a position where they face multiple charges due to a single offense they carried out. These charges may be legitimate based on federal and state criminal justice systems, or they may just be an attempt of the prosecutor to avoid losing the case. Whatever the reason is, the help of a criminal defense attorney will be required to get a person the legal support and advice they need in such a situation.

Naturally, the more charges are person is convicted of, the greater their legal penalties will be. A person should make sure they fight their case as hard as possible to avoid facing unnecessary and unfair penalties. Sometimes, it is not possible to have the charges completely lifted due to the evidence the other party has or due to the nature and seriousness of the crime committed. However, there is usually always room to try and have one’s charges reduced so a person is not facing unnecessary jail time and other penalties.

The penalties a person faces will vary depending on whether it is their first time committing a crime, or whether they have been convicted before. Florida follows a three-strikes law which is also called the habitual offender law. According to this legal ruling, individuals who have been previously convicted of two or more felonies face enhanced sentencing such as extended prison times.

Connecting with a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida

The importance of having a qualified and experienced lawyer is especially important as the right legal advice can entirely change a person’s case around for the better. Anyone who is charged with criminal offenses needs to make sure they don’t take the matter lightly and they need to take the correct measures to protect themselves and their future. Once a person develops a criminal record, various areas of their life will be negatively affected, and they will likely find it hard to find a good job or even get into some educational programs.

A criminal defense lawyer can help in many different ways as they can assist in fighting against improper law enforcement tactics and they can protect a person from prosecutorial misconduct as well. The prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A qualified attorney can collect the needed evidence and carry out the necessary investigations to raise vital questions in the jury that can help a person with their case.

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