Drug Possession Law: The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

Under New York law, possession of small amounts of marijuana is a ticketable offense. Smoking on public streets can result in jail, but simple possession of small amounts of marijuana won’t result in jail time. Marijuana remains illegal, however. Individuals can face fines and summons for possession of the drug.

While marijuana has been promoted for its medicinal qualities, and often lauded for its safety as a recreational drug, synthetic marijuana can be dangerous and even deadly. According to the New York Times, more individuals have been sent to the emergency room after smoking potent synthetic marijuana. The drug, sometimes called “Spice” is either consumed by marijuana users knowingly, or not-knowingly. For instance, some drug sellers will coat plants that look like marijuana plant matter with the potent drug, resulting in a bigger, a more dangerous high. Hundreds have been rushed to the hospital, experiencing anxiety, violent actions, and hallucinations. Because the drug is made in a chemical lab and isn’t regulated, the potency can vary from dose to dose. One dose can be within safe levels, while another dose can be deadly. The drugs are produced in China. In order to skirt legal requirements, the laboratories will sometimes change the chemical composition monthly, before the D.E.A. can put the drug on a controlled substance list.

With the increased danger of these drugs, some law enforcement agencies are trying to crack down on synthetic marijuana products and distribution. The reality is that in many cases “synthetic marijuana” is nothing like marijuana, and can be 100 times as potent as natural marijuana.

High School students may sell and use the drug, unaware that they are not using marijuana, but rather a more deadly and dangerous synthetic substitute. If you’re facing criminal charges for synthetic drug possession or use, a drug possession lawyer may be able to assist you. The Spodek Law Group, P.C. is a drug possession attorney in New York City who helps clients facing criminal charges.

For those concerned about overdose or risk, the good news is that emergency rooms are better equipped to treat and handle synthetic marijuana overdose. According to the Huffington Post, teenagers are most at risk of the serious effects of using synthetic drugs. These kinds of drugs are more likely to be dealt to teens, and teens may not always know the difference between a high from “natural” marijuana and synthetic drugs. These drugs can sometimes be cheaper than their natural counterparts. First-time users may be frightened to call for help when situations become serious out of fear of repercussions.

It is important to understand that New York City law offers protections for individuals calling for help when they witness drug overdoses. New York’s 911 Good Samaritan law can protect you if you witness and overdose and need to call for help.

If you need assistance for drug charges,  New York City drug possession attorney Todd Spodek may be able to help you. The Spodek Law Group, P.C. works closely with clients to protect their rights and to help them get the best possible outcome for their case.