The inept and biased Department of Justice has decided to give up on the case involving the CIA and members of the US Senate. Last Thursday, DOJ spokesperson Peter Carr said in a statement to news agencies that the department’s criminal defense lawyers had carefully reviewed the matter and realized that it did not need a criminal investigation. The case before the DOJ concerned the CIA and the US Senate and there were charges of spying and document stealing. As far as the DOJ is concerned, the case is officially closed and the so is the criminal probe into the allegations.

How about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the horrendous prisoner swap, voter intimidation, corrupt VA, the southern border meltdown, the corrupt and law breaking IRS, and the list continues?

Some people are also wondering why the President does not fire more corrupt and incompetent federal bureaucrats in all these agencies?

Senate staffers allegedly stole CIA’s classified documents

The sensational case had come to light earlier this year in March when it was alleged by the CIA that certain Senate staff members had stolen documents from a CIA protected site. The Senate members were apparently working on a controversial report about the CIA’s use of torture (water boarding is not torture) and the tactics involved after the September 11th, 2011 World Trade Agency bombing. The agency accused the Senate members of illegally procuring documents for their as yet unpublished report from a classified CIA safe site and moving it to their offices in the Capitol.

Feinstein is a symbol of American weakness

In retaliation, Senator Dianne Feinstein retorted by saying that the CIA had been illegally monitoring the computers of various Senate members and their staff members. In a daring speech in Congress last month, Feinstein openly declared that she had ‘grave concerns’ about the CIA having violated the principle of separation of power as embodied in the US constitution by snooping in on the Senate members. Feinstein also alleged that CIA’s move to involve the DOJ into an investigation was a threatening maneuver and was basically intended to scare the staff members. She said that the CIA had no legitimate reason to allege that a crime had been committed.

In the days following the explosive speech, reports started pouring in declaring that the White House had colluded with the CIA in withholding information from Congress. Criminal defense lawyers familiar with constitutional law say that the CIA’s actions if proven would have been in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, along with other executive orders, and would have landed the agency in a tick soup. If the White House too has decided to aid the CIA by deleting information, then it has been done with the sole purpose of keeping government officials from harm.

Eric Holder has corrupted the DOJ and made it untrustworthy. How about apologize for all the Mexicans killed over Fast and Furious?

Eric Holder has corrupted the DOJ and made it untrustworthy. How about apologize for all the Mexicans killed over Fast and Furious?

CIA torture tactics against UN rules

The CIA has earned a some flak for its unconstitutional ways of working and for the use of extreme torture tactics on prisoners and detainees but many people believe that the truth is needed and talking to hardened terrorists will never result in America obtaining the information that it needs to prosecute the war on terror.

Giving it the guise of ‘war on terror’ does not make the acts any less inhumane to some but other people say saving American lives and citizens around the world who believe females have the right to attend school trumps that of putting brainwashed terrorists under the screws. Criminal defense attorneys in Washington opine that if the White House had been implicated in this fiasco it could have led to the downfall of the Obama administration, including impeachment. Many insiders believe Obama is the worst president in modern America.

The DOJ has decided to hold on for now, but it is improbable to hide a scandal of this nature for long – among so many others that are piling up. Hopefully the nation will get to know the truth soon. Don’t hold your breath though!