As a driver behind the wheel, it is your duty and obligation to abide by all laws set forth including your manner as a motorist, as well as those required to be followed on the roadways. A driver is never to operate a vehicle when under the influence, or lack the appropriate insurance policy to cover medical expenses and damages done to any vehicle(s) in the event an accident occurs. Motorists should not speed, swerve in and out of traffic, or drive in any other manner that poses a threat to themselves or others around.

With that being said, if you are driving without any reason that can be identified by police as a means to be pulled over and are found guilty of infringement, is it acceptable to be charged seeing that this officer did not have reasonable suspicion? Criminal defense lawyers in Hartford, Connecticut want citizens to recognize their rights and understand that police officers are also required to abide by strict guidelines when it comes to pulling vehicles over.

To begin with, Connecticut criminal defense attorneys want to highlight the strategy officers use when determining who they pull over and when they can administer a fine and/or arrest someone for their unlawful actions. Police must be able to provide proof of reasonable suspicion before they can technically pull you over, however, cops do not always adhere to this rule.

What is reasonable suspicion?

This term is used when an officer has a reason to believe you are guilty of committing a crime. An officer must have facts to prove you demonstrated actions that serve as viable means of breaking the law. They may also pull you over if they received a tip regarding a possible offense that previously occurred and your vehicle resembles that of the one involved in the infraction.

What if the officer has no proof of reasonable suspicion but finds a controlled substance in your possession?

Generally, if you are pulled over without a police officer having any proof of reasonable suspicion and you find yourself being charged, you may be entitled to having your case thrown out seeing that the officer did not handle the situation in the lawful manner he/she was required to do so in.

Hartford, Connecticut criminal defense lawyers have handled many cases regarding this issue, and while it can become challenging to truly determine if an officer had reasonable suspicion, it would still suffice as a practical case that would require criminal legal support.

As a motorist who was pulled over without reasonable suspicion, and charged for an offense, it is important that you understand this: Criminal defense legal representatives at Melocowsky & Melocowsky are able to provide you with the legal aid you require to work by your side and fight to have these wrongful charges dismissed. Reach out to us today to be sure you gain the legal guidance you deserve.