Once you are charged with a crime, the crime will remain on your record permanently, and only in a few cases can you get the crime sealed or expunged from public access. The consequences of being charged with a crime are not just limited to the direct legal penalties associated with that crime, but the lasting effects of having a criminal record will inevitably be seen in your daily life.

To avoid facing such severe consequences, a person should call a criminal defense attorney to help them fight their charges so they can be let off with easier sentencing or possibly even with their charges entirely lifted. The last thing anyone wants is to have a criminal record for no valid reason, and a criminal defense lawyer can make sure they use every legal avenue possible to free you of your charges.

Who should hire a criminal defense lawyer?


You should hire a criminal defense lawyer if you are being charged with any form of crime, whether you are guilty of it or not. If you are guilty of the crime, your lawyer can help you have your penalties reduced, and if you are innocent, a lawyer can investigate the case and collect evidence to prove that you are being unjustly charged.

You should call a criminal defense lawyer if you are being charged for any crime, including:

  • Drug-related crimes
  • Fraud
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault
  • Impaired driving
  • Fraud
  • Domestic Assault
  • Manslaughter

No matter how serious the crime is, there is still a chance for you to have your charges decreased, especially if you are innocent and are being falsely accused of a crime.

For more serious crimes, the charges being placed on you will be higher and they often involve long periods of time behind bars and having to pay hefty fines. In order to avoid having to endure this penalization, an attorney can help prove you were innocent, or at least, not as guilty as presumed so some of your penalties are lifted and you are able to leave the courtroom without serious penalties hanging over your head.

Can I represent myself in my criminal case?

You do have the option of representing yourself in court, but this is not advised because of the seriousness of the responsibility. If you opt to represent yourself, you will be expected to cover all the laws and be familiar with the court proceedings as it was your decision not to opt for a legal representative.

Realistically, it can be exceedingly difficult for a person to represent themselves, as the pressure of being charged is already so intense, trying to learn the legal rulings your own becomes even more impractical, especially considering how many legal rulings you will be required to cover.

Hiring a lawyer can make this time a lot easier and greatly increase your chances of being heard during your trial. Call a criminal defense lawyer today at Trevena Pontrello and Associates to receive proper advice on your criminal case.

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