Criminal defense attorney Dion Custis understands that life is not like a TV legal drama.  On TV, court cases are black and white, and at the end of the program, a guilty defendant is usually convicted and an innocent defendant goes free.  In reality, being guilty in the eyes of the law is different from being guilty of the actual act underlying the crime, and this difference introduces shades of grey in the criminal justice process.  It also means that different defendants have different needs from a criminal defense attorney.  An actually innocent defendant who faces circumstantial evidence of a crime might choose a very different defense tactic than a defendant who is guilty of the crime and knows that the state has substantial evidence against him or her.   A good criminal defense attorney understands these differences and approaches each individual client’s case separately, in order to achieve the best outcome possible for that client.

Dion Custis has spent his entire legal career as a defense attorney, beginning as a public defender in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and ten opening his own solo practice emphasizing criminal defense and personal injury law in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Ft. Collins, Colorado.  He has handled all types of criminal cases, including death penalty cases.

Unlike some unscrupulous defense attorneys, Dion has enough experience to know that he cannot guarantee his clients a particular outcome.  The justice system is composed of humans and human beings make mistakes.  This means that sometimes innocent people are convicted of crimes and that sometimes punishments are not proportionate to the crime committed.  However, what Dion can promise his clients is that he will use his years of experience in the criminal justice system to help his clients understand the charges against them, the likelihood the state will prevail on those charges, and the possible consequences of those charges, so that the client can pick the defense that is most likely to result in the desired outcome.  For some clients, this means acquittal.  For other clients, the desired outcome may be a life sentence rather than the death penalty.


For a consultation with Dion, you can contact him at his Cheyenne office at 307-638-2442, at his Ft. Collins office at 970-212-4700, or visit him online at: