Local criminal defense lawyers in DeSoto County highlight the details below.

As the first week of school is coming to an end for many counties in South Florida, DeSoto County, Florida criminal defense lawyers are learning of a developing story involving a substitute teacher and a 5-year-old girl. ABC Action News covered the story providing what little details they had pertaining to the unfortunate incident that now has one child terrified to return back to school. The Sebring Police Department is leading the case and working to get to the bottom of exactly what transpired in one classroom just this past Monday.

Victoria Fraser stated that she was focusing on her work when the upset teacher came behind her and choked her.

According to ABC Action News and the parents of Victoria Fraser, the kindergartener came home Monday after attending Kindergarten Learning Center claiming her substitute teacher choked her. Criminal defense attorneys in DeSoto County highlight that young Victoria Fraser stated she was doing her work when the teacher apparently got upset with another child. After the substitute got upset, he walked up behind her, grabbed her neck, and choked her. She claims she couldn’t breathe. After getting home and informing her parents of the shocking incident, Victoria Fraser’s parents contacted the local authorities to further investigate.

Police began conducting an investigation and have learned that no other students witnessed this act occur, however, the parents have a photo of the bruising their daughter had on her neck from the man choking her. Apparently, the substitute teacher was a regular as they were “no stranger to the classroom.” While officials continue to look into the developing story, The Department of Children and Families is also reviewing the details of this story as well. The parents of Victoria Fraser are confident that their child is telling the truth.

While the story continues to unfold, there is no doubt this teacher is going to require the help from a criminal defense lawyer.

While DeSoto County defense lawyers note that no names have been released identifying who this substitute teacher is, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Rodney Hollinger has stated that the teacher is no longer permitted to sub at any schools until the results of the investigation have been released. And because the parents have photos to prove their child may have in fact been mistreated while under the supervision of this unknown substitute teacher, it may be a wise decision for him to begin seeking legal aid from a reputable defense law firm in Florida.

When we send our kids off to school, the last thing we expect is for them to return claiming they have been mistreated or abused. And because teachers are scrutinized when any such allegations are made against them, it is safe to say they may not have a career any longer in the education field regardless of what the outcome may be.