Roseburg, OR- An Oregon couple has been charged in connection with the death of their premature infant daughter who they attempted to heal through faith. Now, the young parents are facing criminal charges related to their infant daughter’s death.

Oregon Couples Charged in Infant’s Death

The Idaho Statesman reports that police charged Sarah Mitchell, 24, and Travis Lee Mitchell, 21, with murder and criminal mistreatment. The couple belongs to a Christian denomination known as Followers of Christ Church. Devotees believe in a literal translation of the Bible and use faith-healing instead of visiting a physician or hospital. They also believe that if a person dies, it’s Gods will.

According to the Idaho Statesman, several members of the Followers or Christ Church have been charged with crimes for failing to get medical attention for their children. Those charges inspired legislation passed by Oregon which removed faith healing as a valid defense for murder or manslaughter.

According to the online digest, the couple had been under investigation since Sarah delivered twins at her grandparent’s house in March of this year, and one of the babies died just hours later. EMTs were called to the house when one of the twins stopped breathing, but it was later discovered that the twins had underdeveloped lungs and could breathe on her arm.

EMTs also noticed that the other twin was also struggling to breathe and managed to convince the family to let them take the baby to the hospital.

Penalties for Child Neglect in Roseburg, Oregon

Child neglect and abuse charges are treated harshly under Oregon law, and any facing such charges should expect aggressive prosecution. A child neglect charge, depending on the severity, carries severe penalties, including jail, fines, probation, and loss of custody of your child or children. A child neglect charge affects everyone, including grandparents and siblings

In Oregon, child abuse or neglect can include any behavior or act that results in the imminent risk or serious harm to a child. Child abuse includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, or neglect.

You need a criminal defense lawyer if you want a better chance of avoiding a criminal charge for child neglect, abuse or murder.

A conviction for child abuse or neglect can result in one year or more in jail and several thousands of dollars in fines. Parents may also lose custody of their child or children and will only be able to regain it by attending a parenting class and meeting other

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