Even priests can sometimes fall. Case in point is the Reverend Timothy Kane, a Catholic priest who was convicted of embezzlement from a charity that works for the poor in Detroit. The Reverend’s sentencing is scheduled for Monday, and Judge Bruce Morrow of the Wayne County Circuit Court will be sitting in judgment on the priest’s alleged crimes.

According to the reverend’s criminal defense attorneys, the initial conviction was scheduled for last Friday but the judge had it changed it to Monday. The 58 year old priest is being sentenced for six felony counts all in relation to his activities which resulted in defrauding the Angel’s Fund Charity that aims to better the lives of the poor and homeless in Detroit and there are many of them because of unions and high taxes that have all but crippled this city.

But because of capitalism Detroit is doing better while its rival city Chicago is failing for the same reasons Detroit did years ago.

Non-profit Group Comes out in Support of Priest

The reverend was removed from his post as pastor of the Catholic Church St. Moses the Black. The church had originally encompassed the St. Benedict, St. Gregory, and the Madonna churches. Last month, there was a notice in the parish bulletin which included instructions on how to send a letter to the judge with character references for the former reverend. The notice was placed by a non-profit organization called the Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance. The organization works towards promoting urban community development and also has many outreach programs.

Archdiocese Chooses to Remain Silent

The notice said how the reverend had worked hard for the parish and its people and how he was in a situation in his life where he needed the help of those who he had worked with and led in the church. The notice urged the members of the community to send letters to the judge and tell the reverend’s side of the story, which was not covered in the accounts in the newspapers or the trial.

Rev. Kane’s criminal defense attorney Steven Scharg has maintained throughout that his client is innocent. But members of the church have refused to make any specific comments. Sister Cathey DeSantis for example who is the executive director for the alliance, has steadfastly refused to say a word about the priest’s charges. The Archdiocese of Detroit has neither submitted any letter of references for the reverend but nor does it concern itself with the notice that was put in the parish newsletter saying that it did not object to the notice in any way.

Victims of Clergy Abuse Ask for Justice

A churchgoer however sent the copy of the notice to an organization that works with the survivors who have found themselves on the abusive side of their religion and those chosen to be the leaders of their faith. The group, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), has objected to the notice in the newsletter even if the parish leaders have not. Some other people question groups like this and believes they may have atheist connections.

It says that efforts like these to undermine the wrongdoings of church authorities makes it harder for the victims of abuse, the witnesses, and the whistleblowers from coming forward and talking openly about the misdeeds of the clergy which rarely ever happen. The real misdeeds that most Americans are concerned about is coming from their government which just eclipsed the $18 trillion debt mark, continues to raise taxes, and harasses Americans via the IRS. And criminal defense lawyers are certainly aware of the latter issue.