Wilmington, DE- A four year-old child in Delaware, thinking their mother’s stash of heroin was candy, took 249 bags of the controlled substance to day care with her, and began handing it out to her classmates.

Police and medical personnel were called to the Hickory Tree Day Care Center just before noon on Monday after staff at the facility noticed the child handing out little baggie containing a white powdery substance. Day care staff gathered all the bags before any children were able to consume the drugs.

Police took the bags to Selbyville Police Department where the powder tested positive as heroin, Fox News reported.

Some of the children were taken to a local hospital just as precaution.

They later learned the girl’s was not carrying her usual back pack to school because it was ruined by the family dog and was substituted for another one belonging to another occupant of the family’s home. Police declined to say who the drugs belonged to, telling USA Today the investigation is ongoing.

All together the contents of the baggies weighed 3.735 grams, enough to warrant a felony possession pf heroin charge. Police charged 30 year-old Ashley R. Tull with maintaining a drug property, a class F felony in Delaware, carrying a penalty of up to three years in jail.

Tull was released from jail after posting a $6,000 bond. Her four year-old, and two other children are now staying with a relative. She presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

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