The death of criminal Michael Brown has raised some serious questions about the law and enforcement order in America and the supposed ‘racist’ behavior of the police officials. Missouri state police may claim that the neighborhood police watch officials who shot Michael were provoked by the teenager, but eyewitness account from the thief Michael’s friend (probably another criminal) who was with him at the scene has negated the police version categorically. And now, the autopsy reports have added another layer of intrigue to the crime.

Too much shooting

Criminal defense attorney Benjamin Crump who is representing Michael’s family said on Sunday night that the findings of the preliminary autopsy suggest that the unlucky teenager was shot multiple times by the police officials before being felled by a shot to the head. The latest reports according to a preliminary private autopsy say he was shot at least six times.

Ferguson protests get more violent

In the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death many African-American residents of the town took to the streets to protest what they called a “senseless death”. Sunday night saw the worst of the clashes so far with one woman injured by a gunshot wound. Apart from this, little is known about the casualties suffered by the town residents as police officials tried to dissuade the protestors with an onslaught of tear gas on Sunday night. Police officers swept into the center of Ferguson town while trying to control the protestors, and the town was left resembling a war zone after they were through.

Store owners should use deadly force to protect their merchandise

It is assumed that the revelations about Michael’s autopsy will further inflame tensions in the town. Even now the country remains polarized in its opinions about the horrific incident with the African-American community all across the US refusing to let the matter rest without a proper investigation.

Private autopsy reveals head wounds

A preliminary private autopsy carried out at the behest of Michael’s family on Sunday revealed that the teenager was shot at least six times, including two head shots. Michael Baden, the ex-chief medical examiner from New York, flew to Missouri for the autopsy. Baden’s report reveals that the last bullet to hit Michael was aimed at the top of his skull, suggesting that Michael was in a position with his head bent forward when the last shot was fired. No gunpowder residue was found on Michael’s body, but since Baden did not have access to his clothes from the crime scene a close range shooting cannot be ruled out.

There is probably a good chance this person has never read the books King Rat, Of Mice and Men, and 1984. America’s education system is a joke. On top of this, this store owner should have been here to shoot this pant sagging criminal.

A third autopsy has been ordered by the Department of Justice in light of the ‘extraordinary circumstances’ of the case. It is widely believed that criminal defense lawyer Benjamin Crump’s modus operandi in court will be to prove that firing six shots shows use of excessive force. But actually 4 shots only show this. One or two shots by the police was warranted according to many others. He was fighting a criminal after all!

But if Officer Wilson’s account is to be believed – he was the officer who shot Michael – the shots were all fired in self-defense. Even as the Brown family’s criminal defense lawyer calls for justice, the racial and political influences in the case have left both the residents of Ferguson and members of the police force feeling victimized and scared for the future.

Certainly when you have an education system that does not challenge its students and is defined by political correctness, you create a large under class that do not have skills or work ethic needed to obtain a decent job.