Majority of parents rely on daycare facilities to help watch their kids and provide them with the care they need throughout the day while they are working. Some have no choice but to start their kids off at daycare only months after they are born, while others may begin sending them during their toddler years. As a parent, you can only hope your little one is being taken care of in a manner that resembles the way in which you care for your child. Surprisingly, some daycare facilities may come across a bad apple when picking their employees, ultimately leading to more than just play time and story telling. 

WUSA9 News brings to you a report on January 14, 2016, about a daycare worker who not only mistreated the children who were attending the daycare, but could only hope for the best possible criminal defense attorney to represent her in the lawsuits she faced. With the reveal of the crimes committed and the mistreatment Sarah Jordan exhibited, parents found themselves shocked to find out that when they were dropping their kids off at Minnieland Academy Day Care Center, their children were being subjected to intimidation and violence.

After Jordan was placed before a judge, she found herself facing the conviction of seven felony charges and six misdemeanors, resulting in being sentenced to the maximum of 41 years in jail. Her, and her Virginia criminal defense lawyer could only have felt one emotion, failure.

Some of the ways Jordan mistreated these toddlers involved spraying them in the face with water to scare them, feeding them “flaming hot Cheetos,” discouraging the kids by saying they were ugly, and building up what could be viewed as a “baby fight club.” These were only the few mentioned, however, the report indicated other incidents occurred where children were abused while attending the daycare.

In a case such as this, and with the large number of crimes committed, people such as Jordan seemed to have required the assistance of more than just a criminal defense legal representative in Virginia, rather she would have benefited from an entire legal support team to help defend her case. While Jordan won’t officially be sentenced to begin serving her time until May, many parents of these victimized children shed tears of joy that justice was finally served and Jordan would be paying the price for the awful things she inflicted upon the kids.

Virginia criminal defense attorneys want those who may have been involved in a similar situation, yet were wrongfully accused or convicted of a similar crime to understand they too are eligible to receive a fair trial, and obtain the justice they deserve. If you or a loved one has been found guilty, yet you had no involvement in a child abuse claim, speak with one of our criminal defense lawyers who possess the expertise required to handle a child abuse case to get you on the right track of beating and dismissing these false allegations made.