The young wealthy heiress of the late Washington Redskins owner, Jack Kent Cooke, has been arrested and charged with assault on New Year’s Eve. According to ABC News, Jacqueline Kent Cooke, 29, was waiting in a coat check line at a Manhattan restaurant behind Matthew Haberkorn and his family. Haberkorn was out with his wife, elderly mother, and kids when Cooke uttered “Hurry up, Jew” to the family. Flabbergasted by the remark, Haberkorn’s wife turned around and said to Cooke, “What did you say?” Cooke replied, “Hurry up Jew I got placed to be.”

When the family got outside, Matthew Haberkorn confronted Cooke about the anti-Semitic comments she had made to his wife and then she swung on him. She hit him in the head with her purse, which was allegedly made out of glass and in the shape of a square. The hit to the head caused two lacerations and Haberkorn stood with blood dripping down his cheek. While Haberkorn was extremely upset that Cooke took it upon herself to physically harm him, he was more upset at the fact that this occurred in front of his wife, mother, and daughters. He stated that “It’s very scary when subtle anti-Semitism becomes overt. It demonstrates a shift in societal thinking that it’s OK to be openly anti-Semitic.”

Following the assault, Cooke was arrested and released on her own recognizance. Her case has been adjourned until February 15th. While Cooke did hire a criminal defense attorney who did not respond to the news source’s request for comment, she is going to need to come prepared as the man she decided to assault just so happens to be a personal injury attorney. The family already confirmed that once the criminal case is resolved, they are going to press forward with a civil lawsuit against Cooke. And the man she decided to hit likely knows how to maneuver through the courtroom.


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