What criminal charges does one face for the offense?

As you may agree, it certainly takes a lot of responsibility and patience to carefully and properly raise a child. Child care is quite important, and in order for children across the state of Texas to continue to live out a healthy, and rewarding lifestyle, the parents of those must take the initiative in ensuring they are well cared for, and no form of neglect, or abuse is imposed on them. Criminal defense lawyers in Texas acknowledge that there are many severe cases of this crime, as well as smaller forms of it, but either way, the impact is just as strong.

For those who already have a heavy plate of responsibilities on their hands, which probably encompasses many of you out there, it is filled with tasks, chores, work, and other obligations. Therefore, it is easy for things to go unnoticed, or to slip out of sight leaving you forgetting to complete them. However, a child should never fall under that category, and in the event a parent begins allowing their responsibilities to slip, failing to provide for their child, or even failing to cater to them with tender, love and care, punishments are sometimes added to that plate of theirs.

A child requires love and attention from their parents, and the fact is, when a caregiver decides to mistreat them, the consequences they face often fit the bill. Criminal defense attorneys share with you some of the penalties one may find themselves facing in the event they significantly overlook their child’s needs.

  • A felony of the first degree should the individual intentionally impose bodily injury or mental deficiency on the child, and if done recklessly, it becomes a felony of the second degree.
  • It becomes a felony of the third degree it the act committed was intentional, and caused harm, neglect, or exploitation to the child. If done recklessly, it becomes a state jail felony.
  • If a person acts with criminal negligence, and harms a child, mental or physical, it is a state jail felony.

As child abuse cases all vary, there are some that just place a damper in the lives of those who were related to them, and even unfamiliar faces who may have never even met them.

Criminal defense legal representatives in Texas take hold of child abuse and neglect cases, and sometimes the unfortunate strikes, leaving a parent in question as to whether the act was intentional or a true accident. One case, that took the state by surprise and has brought up many concerns for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services(DFPS) was the death of Colton Turner back in 2014. Since then, DFPS has taken further initiative in creating ways to recognize this crime to further prevent the issue to reach the same level it did with the young Colton, and that was death.

As the consequences one faces can have a significant impact on all those involved who may have been accused of child abuse or neglect, procuring a Texas criminal defense lawyer is vital for those to have as support throughout the case.