Criminal charges are the most intimidating and reprehensible of them all. The consequences for someone convicted of a criminal act are grave and can vary from prison sentences of 1 year to life imprisonment. With such perilous punishments awaiting suspects, the only way they can ward off the wrath of the prosecutors, the jury, and the judge is by working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will build the best defense strategy in preparation for the trial.

Fighting those charges

For the most part, a criminal defense strategy will be based on the findings of your criminal defense attorney as to what the prosecution intend to charge you with and how they plan to go about putting forth their case in trial. Outstanding criminal defense legal representatives will build a defense strategy accordingly and thus be able to beat the case or at least have it knocked down to a lesser charge.

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Alibi and the portraying the truth in the best possible manner

Every criminal prosecution is unique and so every defense strategy will have to be unique and tailored to suit the circumstances surrounding the case. For instance, if it transpires that the prosecution intends to prove their case by claiming that the defendant was at the scene of the crime, then the defense may effectively go ahead and provide an alibi where they may show that the defendant was in fact at a different location and could have himself or herself committed the crime in question.

The case will also depend a lot on what the defendant says and how he/she says it when questioned or asked to testify. Confidence, positive body language and a clean past record will go a long way in assisting the defendant in clearing their name from the criminal conviction.

Having said that, it is not like the defendant and his/her legal representative will concoct baseless accounts or stories in order to provide an alibi or some other form of defense. In fact, the best chance for a criminal defendant to win his case is to be completely transparent with his criminal defense lawyer.


Different versions of the truth

Another important thing to note is that when it comes to criminal defense cases, there will probably be multiple versions of the story. For instance, the prosecution may claim that the defendant cold bloodedly murdered someone, but the defense may contest that the defendant had no malicious intent and only had to kill the person in order to defend himself.

According to criminal defense lawyers, the single most effective and honest defense strategy is to always stick to the truth but present it in a manner which portrays the defendant in good light. When such a defense strategy is employed, not only will the defendant be able to beat their case, or have a better chance of doing so since there is not any guarantees, but even if the evidence against them is too strong, they will at least be able to strike a plea deal and be convicted of a lesser charge. You could potentially be charged under the category that is not criminal in nature. This could be unlikely.

But using this site – – and finding legal help you can fight back the charges and hopefully face less fines and less time locked up.