There are certain expectations that are set for citizens of Texas to follow in order for the community to run smoothly and individuals to go about their day without being harassed, mistreated, or have their children exposed to misconduct they would otherwise ban them from seeing. You are expected to uphold a certain level of conduct, and should you cross the legal line, you may be accused of committing disorderly conduct. Not sure what it involves?

Criminal defense legal representatives explain the concept below:

Disorderly misconduct is a behavior that constitutes as a disturbance, or a wild manner that disturbs the peace within the community. Many times individuals who are intoxicated and rowdy participate in an exorbitant public display, leading to being criminally charged for disorderly misconduct. 

Criminal defense attorneys in Texas identify some of the types of activities involved in a disorderly misconduct manner below.

  • Public misconduct- This form of inappropriate behavior may be the most popular among all simply because individuals sometimes go beyond a level they expected to go. This occurs when someone proceeds with an action that is generally done in the privacy of their own home including, but not limited to, urinating in the public eye, public masturbation, or being outrageously intoxicated while out among the general community.
  • Fighting- Any sort of fight, brawl, or physical scuffle constitutes as disorderly misconduct. Sometimes the seriousness of these occurrences can become extremely alarming, resulting in battery or assault charges.
  • Protests- With all the new laws making their way into civilians’ lives, some feel protesting is necessary in speaking up for their rights. A protest only is identified as displaying misconduct if it becomes disruptive and chaotic.
  • Encounters with police- If you find yourself arguing and throwing threats in a police officer’s direction after being instructed to leave or remove yourself from a situation, you may be at risk of being charged with disorderly misconduct.

Texas criminal defense legal representatives also point out some of the penalties one may face if charged for misbehaving in public. These include:

  • Possible jail time- Depending on the logistics of the incident, you could possibly be facing up to a year if your conviction is a misdemeanor, however, if you are a first time offender, you may not receive any further time than that spent in jail when first arrested.
  • Fines- Having to pay for your wrongful display of behavior can cost you from $25 up to more than $1000, which is the most common form of punishment for the offense.
  • Probation: This form of punishment is given depending on how serious the disorderly misconduct was. Sometimes an individual may receive several months of being placed on probation.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense will truly determine what penalties you may be facing. In order to avoid any such charges, steer clear of crossing those boundaries when out in public, and avoid engaging in disorderly misconduct. If you have been charged, or even wrongfully accused of the infraction, it is to your benefit to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Texas.