Couple Accused of Having Sexual Relations with Their Students

Just when you think the news reports have covered it all, Alabama criminal defense lawyers highlight a story that may actually come as a surprise to you.

In every place of employment, a worker is expected to uphold a certain level of professionalism, not to mention they must abide by all guidelines and rules set forth in their employee handbook. But certain jobs require more from an employee, such as teachers, who are responsible for caring for other citizens’ children, which means they have more responsibility, and even specific laws that pertain to their career in which they must follow. Apparently, a couple in Pickens County, Alabama overlooked these expectations when they decided to cross a boundary line that placed them behind bars.

WBRC Fox 6 News recently updated their published article on April 6, 2016 regarding a husband and wife who worked at the same school, and were quite involved in other areas besides being just another teacher. It would appear they had their students’ best interests at heart as both were actively involved around the school. James Franklin “Jamie” Parker III, 32, worked at Pickens Academy in Carrollton as a math teacher, was the coach for the boys’ basketball team, and an SGA sponsor. His wife, Charli Parker, 30, also was employed at the same location where she taught at the elementary level for the “computer class, physical education, and is the head girls’ basketball coach.”

Criminal defense attorneys in Alabama note that while Charli Parker was first arrested as allegations were made that she was having sexual relations with a male student, her husband was then accused of the same act and arrested just two days later. His actions reportedly involved a student who was under the age of 19. Even though the sexual acts were not committed on school grounds, it is in fact a crime for any employee working within a school to have any sort of sexual relation with any of its students.

The couple was revealed for their misconduct as the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department had been conducting an investigation, which is continuing as the couple have yet to be faced with their charges. Both husband and wife are currently behind bars at the Pickens County Jail, and while they have yet to have their case heard, they may want to formulate a plan involving the hiring of a criminal defense legal representative in Alabama who may be able to represent them and the allegations being made.

In the event any person is ever faced with serious accusations such as having sexual relations with their students, the first step they want to take is to ensure they have a support system behind them. This is where the role of a criminal defense lawyer in Alabama comes into play as they can provide just this. It is important for everyone to understand that a teacher who fails to abide by the Ethical Code of Conduct set forth is undoubtedly going to be facing criminal charges for their unethical actions.