Convicted of a Murder Charge in Hartford, Connecticut?

As we are getting situated into the 2016 new year, and many are finally beginning to take initiative and start those resolutions they thought whole-heartedly about, others are going in the opposite direction, away from something constructive. Just minutes after the celebration of the new year arriving, 19-year-old Tequile Walwyn, of Pershing Street in Hartford, found himself in a tough position, resulting with him stabbing to death 20-year-old Jonathan Douglin of West Hartford. It appears criminal defense attorneys in Hartford, Connecticut too are starting the year off with saddening cases such as these, away from bliss as well.

News 8 reported the incident on January 4, 2016, where police stated they found the victim, Jonathan Dougling bleeding on 41 Francis Avenue at approximately midnight on New Year’s Day. He suffered from a stab wound in the abdomen and chest area. Unfortunately, after being rushed to Hartford Hospital, he was pronounced dead. Witness statements were taken, and eventually Walwyn turned himself in to police on Monday. His bond amounted to $250,000, and will be arraigned in Hartford Superior Court.

As some minor offenses are easily dismissed in court with a criminal attorney to quickly resolve your case, you end up receiving the rightful compensation for your losses, or dismissed from being sentenced to jail time. Murder charges, on the other hand, will not only require you to obtain a remarkably agile criminal defense lawyer, but having the proper documentation to prove you were not guilty of the crime is a whole other aspect of the case. If you were found guilty, a criminal defense legal representative may assist you in the arraignment to help reduce your sentence should you be able to prove you were forced to inflict harm on another being, not just committing it out of pure intent.

Remember, there are two sides to a story, and should you find yourself or a family member charged with murder, you want to be sure your statement provided during the arraignment is one your criminal attorney assisted you with, to inform the jury of why this incident occurred and the reasoning for taking another’s life. Could it have been self-defense? Did you feel threatened by victim at the time and had no other choice but to stand your ground? All this and more can be well depicted to the jury with the guidance from a highly qualified criminal defense lawyer at Melocowsky & Melocowsky, who cater to the Hartford, Connecticut area. If you are looking to reduce your sentence, or be dismissed from the charges completely, our criminal lawyers in Connecticut will work to your benefit in helping achieve a successful outcome.