If a person under the age of 18 commits a crime, then their act is considered a juvenile crime. The process and results of juvenile cases are relatively different then from regular adult crimes. Since most children who have not come of age yet may not fully understand the consequences of their behavior, then they usually will not be given as severe a sentence as if they had been adults and had carried out the exact same crime.

When the court punishes an adult for criminal behavior, they do it as a penalty and as a warning for them not to carry out that act again. However, the main purpose of legally penalizing a minor is to educate the individual about the severity of their crime, so they do not become repeat offenders and they have a chance at a better future.

Common juvenile crimes committed in Florida include:

If a person has committed a crime and they are not of age they should speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the details of their case. If this is their first time committing such a crime and they have not been convicted or charged of anything before this, they may be able to turn the case around in their favor.

The accused should present all the information they have available to their criminal defense attorney so they can build a proper legal defense that can help them convince the court that they do not deserve to be seriously penalized.

Reacting to police confrontations in Fort Myers, Florida

Anyone who is confronted by an officer should make sure they do not panic or act aggressively towards the officers. Police officers have very stressful jobs and they often resort to violence if a person acts suddenly or if they feel like a person may be a threat.

To avoid any violent confrontation and to avoid getting on the wrong side of the officer a person should speak as respectfully as possible when the police officer comes in front of them. If a person tries to resist arrest or they try to physically fight the officer this will look bad on the records and make their case harder to win.

Sometimes police officers carry out racial profiling and other forms of police misconduct and all this may be used against them later on in court. However, during the encounter, a person should stay calm and try their best to simply defend themselves without hurting the officer.

Anyone who is confronted by an officer or who is being charged for a crime should speak to a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Robert Foley to get legal assistance.

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