Drug crimes are far more common than they should be in Florida with hundreds of thousands of drug-related arrests occurring yearly. It is for this reason that the law is extremely strict about catching and penalizing anyone who is found guilty of drug possession. Drug crimes are taken so seriously because of the harm a person can cause to themselves and those around them by using and selling these controlled substances.

In Florida, a person may be penalized for carrying even a small number of drugs in their possession. The penalty a person ultimately ends up with depends on a variety of factors including what sort of drug they had, how much of it they were carrying, and for what purpose the drug was being used. Anyone who has a drug that they are not legally authorized to have can be arrested and faced with a drug crimes charge.

The most common drug crime charges in Florida are possession, manufacturing, and distribution of drugs. If a person knowingly possesses a drug, produces, or cultivates the drug, or tries to sell and deliver it without being properly licensed, they are guilty and can face the relevant penalties for their actions.

What are the elements of drug possession in Largo, Florida?

If an officer brings someone in on the basis that they had drugs in their possession, they must prove three basic elements. They must first prove that the substance the person had in their possession is illegal or a drug that requires a doctor’s prescription. They must then prove that the accused person knew that they had the drug in their possession and that it was illegal for them to be carrying out their activities with it. Lastly, they must prove that the accused person was in control of the drug as well.

Anyone caught for drug possession will face serious legal consequences such as fines, jail time, and probation, especially if they do not get the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney to help them with their case. These penalties are profoundly serious and those who are convicted will end up with a criminal record and will miss essential time with those who are closest to them. Drug crimes can lead a person to lose their job, losing their license, facing severe financial hardship, and possibly even deportation.

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