With over 702 police shootings that occurred in Chicago over the past 15 years, this is the first account over the course of that timeframe that an officer has been faced with criminal civil rights charges for his actions.

Police officers are sworn in to serve and protect, protect being the operative word, however, time and time again, news reports reveal the opposite. From the Alton Sterling shooting to Philando Castile, the constant rise in police brutality is developing into a much larger issue. Innocent lives are taken, people are mistreated, and citizens are being recognized as suspects prior to them even being accused of taking part in any sort of crime.

Police brutality is a rising issue all across the U.S. and has led to many lives being taken.

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While there is much justice to be served for the lost lives, perhaps one Illinois family has finally received just that-justice. In recent news, “a Chicago police officer who was videotaped firing shots that injured two black teenagers inside a car was indicted on federal civil rights charges,” according to Pantagraph. While the case itself dates back to December 22,2013, the officer who abused his power and privileges associated with being a cop has finally received the sentencing for the crime he committed.

The lawsuit against the former officer revealed that he felt threatened, although the teens showed no sign of danger.

Criminal defense lawyers in Chicago, Illinois point out from Pantagraph that former officer Marco Proano, 41, pulled a vehicle over for speeding, and began firing shots into the car. There were three teens present in the vehicle at that time and according to Proano, he felt “the occupants who had been in the vehicle were in a position to sustain great bodily harm” And while a weapon was recovered from the scene of the incident, the Illinois criminal attorney representing one of the family’s stated that it was a pellet gun and that “it was never visible or brandished at the officers.”

Defense lawyers in Chicago, IL also note that two of the teens were shot and another was taken down to the ground and sustained severe damage to his eye. A video displaying Proano’s illegal behavior was recovered, but kept private until Andrew Berman, who is a former Cook County Judge got a hold of it. He was presiding over the trial of one of the teens and took the liberty of releasing the video. While it was supposed to have been kept private and out of the hands of the parties involved in the civil case, Berman felt it held a strong meaning. Berman believed the contents “showed a reckless and callous disregard for human life by somebody who is sworn to serve and protect.”

Between the video and the lawsuit being filed against Proano, “the city agreed to settle the case for $360,000.” And now, criminal defense attorneys in Chicago, IL note that Proano is facing charges for two counts of deprivation of rights and he is looking at 10 years in prison for each count.