Back in 2014, chemist Sonja Farak plead guilty to stealing drugs and tampering with evidence while working at the University of Massachusetts Amherst crime lab. Farak admitted that for eight years, she “consumed both testing and evidence samples of drugs at the crime lab, including crack cocaine, meth, speed, ketamine, ecstasy and LSD.”  While this is a serious issue in itself, Farak also admitted to running lab tests while on the assortment of drugs she had stolen from the lab. She was responsible for “testing drugs for police departments in criminal cases across the state,” according to The Washington Post.

As you can imagine, that sparked a controversy as many individuals were faced with criminal convictions based on these tests results, some of which may not have given an accurate reading. Although Farak stated that the use of the drugs did not affect her work and productivity, one can only assume that after ingesting some of the strongest drugs on the market, and on a daily basis, one’s cognitive abilities would be impaired. When Farak’s co-workers testified, they too stated that they didn’t notice any difference in her behavior during the time she worked in the lab.


If Farak was able to mask her drug usage and hide the behaviors that are associated with each, then how did she get caught?


Gizmodo pointed out that workers in the lab began to notice that samples were missing and eventually found traces of crack at her work station. The chemist even went as far as “siphoning small portions of powdered drugs and replacing them with baking powder.” She would then alter the database so that there wouldn’t be any red flags and nothing would appear to be missing.

As a result of the crime, Massachusetts prosecutors announced that they will be dismissing more than 6,000 convictions that were tied to these lab results. While Farak was busy analyzing drug tests high and contributed to putting individuals in jail, she now is faced with similar consequences for her actions.

Hopefully, Farak hires a skilled criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts who can help her with her case. While many of the individuals who were convicted based on the test results are thrilled to be freed from guilt, there are plenty of others out there who are wrongfully convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. But, that is one of the reasons why it is vital that you hire a criminal justice attorney in your city as they can help reduce the chances of this occurring.


There are thousands of “criminals” behind bars that weren’t guilty of the crime they were convicted for.


Did you know that “4.1 percent of defendants who are sentenced to death in the United States are later shown to be innocent: 1 in 25,” as stated in an article published for The Washington Post. And in 2014, “three innocent murder defendants in Cleveland were exonerated 39 years after they were convicted.” The truth is, many innocent people spend time behind bars because of a faulty device that was used by police that said they were guilty or a drug test reading that was inaccurate and was still used to convict them.


So, if you are facing criminal charges and need a legal representative to help you, can help you locate a top performing lawyer nearby to you now. Criminal defense attorneys will work to prove your innocent or help get your charges reduced in the event you are guilty of a crime.