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Social media is not only a way to connect individuals living in various parts of the world but it also serves as a resource for law enforcement officers.

Much of the content that social media users post online is often available for the public to view, especially when restrictions haven’t been set. Social media provides insight into where a person has been, where they might be going, and some of the things they have recently engaged in. Because many people choose to share personal content online, they often don’t realize who might be looking at it.

The truth is, your friends and family aren’t the only ones who might be accessing your personal content. Police officers may also be visiting your social media account, especially if they suspect you have committed a crime or they are trying to obtain evidence against you that would permit them to make an arrest. Some things police officers might look for and can use as evidence against you include:


  • Photos that picture you with weapons you legally are not permitted to have in your possession.
  • Photos of illegal drugs.
  • Photos of you harming another individual or animal.
  • Videos of you drinking and driving.
  • A video of yourself admitting to committing a crime.
  • Photos or videos that show you engaging in an unlawful act that is punishable under state or federal law.


Because so many individuals are active users of social media and often post content that could potentially incriminate them, police officers have begun to use it to help them solve crimes. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a 2014 study conducted by LexisNexis revealed that “nearly three out of every four law enforcement professionals surveyed in the study said they think social media can help solve more cases.” That same study also pointed out that 81% of law enforcement officials “actively use social media as an investigation tool.”

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In the event you or someone you know were recently arrested by a police officer in Fort Lauderdale as a result of the content you posted online, you will want to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL who can help defend your rights and determine if any of the evidence collected can be thrown out. The Law Office of Michael D. Weinstein, PA provides legal services to individuals living in Miami Dade, Broward, and the Palm Beaches and would be more than happy to assist with your case.


What should I do if a police officer in Fort Lauderdale violated one or more of my rights during my arrest?


If you believe a Fort Lauderdale, FL police officer violated one or more of your rights during the time of your arrest, you will want to mention this to your defense attorney during your initial consultation as they may be able to help you file a civil suit against him/her for the damages you suffered. Police officers, despite their authority, still have to respect citizens’ rights as their power does not give them permission to violate them. Therefore, be sure to inform your attorney not only of your arrest but also how the officer treated you during the time you were being detained.


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