When a crime occurs or physical harm has taken place between one or more individuals, officials find themselves in search of witnesses that were involved or present to make a statement in hopes of reaching a verdict in a criminal case. When present in front of a jury, they then have the opportunity to share their side of the story and what they believed to be true. There are occasions where a person of interest or a witness involved in a crime may intentionally lie under oath, known as perjury, and other instances where those who give a statement were wrongfully accused of supplying a fraudulent one.

While some individuals provide a false statement, aware the information given is inaccurate, there are cases where Tennessee criminal defense lawyers provided assistance in the legal battle of being wrongfully accused of giving a dishonest comment in court.

One thing is for certain is that when multiple people are testifying or simply making a statement as a witness, one person’s perspective compared to another may very differ based on what was observed, the time they saw it, or the final outcome of what was seen.

Let’s say you were out at a restaurant when a fight broke out. From where you were sitting compared to where another witness was sitting may result in two different stories of what was noticed as well as heard. When asked for your perspective, you may have believed one person to be guilty according to the way you you viewed it. On the contrary, let’s say you were involved in a crime such as a carjacking, and asked under oath if you had any involvement, knowing that you did, and proceeded to tell the court you took no part in the crime. In that case, you may be at risk of being charged with perjury.

In the event you find yourself mistakenly charged with the crime of perjury, and you know well in fact you were telling the truth or what you believe to be the truth, let a criminal defense attorney in Tennessee represent you and your wrongful charge. Not only is it unfair to have this burden placed on your permanent record, but to be held back from obtaining certain employment opportunities due to the criminal charge that would show up on a background check is quite unfair.

Fortunately for you, if you find yourself in a situation where you were unfairly accused of making fictitious statements while under oath, is often a difficult task to prove beyond a reasonable doubt you truly were lying. With the assistance of one of our top notch Tennessee criminal defense lawyers, there is an increased chance of having this criminal charge removed off of your record. With legal assistance, you can fix this wrongdoing by trying to correct the misinterpreted statement, and have a legal voice on your side to make your case stronger.