Alcohol serves as a factor in many of the serious and fatal car accidents that occur on Texas roadways. It is for this reason that the state looks to punish those who drive intoxicated harshly by charging them with DWI which carries the following penalties when it is their first offense:

  • Pay a fine of up to $2,000.
  • Spend up to 180 days in jail upon conviction.
  • Loss of driving privileges for up to a year.

[Source: Texas Department of Transportation].


The penalties only intensify when an individual has been charged with multiple offenses or has been charged with DWI in the past.

Now, despite how the state looks to punish DWI offenders, there is a chance they could get their charges reduced to a lesser degree by way of plea bargaining. Sometimes, after an individual has been charged with a criminal offense such as DWI, the prosecutor assigned to the case will offer them a plea deal before the case makes it to trial. Usually, a plea deal will provide a defendant with an alternate set of punishments. For example, an individual may be offered probation time over jail time or they may be given the option of having an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle rather than lose all access to their driving privileges.

In some cases, an individual may also be charged with a crime that is less serious than DWI if they agree to the terms outlined in the plea deal that was offered to them.


How can a McAllen, TX criminal defense lawyer help with the plea bargaining process?


A criminal defense attorney is going to play a major role in the plea bargaining process. For starters, they have the skill and knowledge needed to negotiate with the prosecutor in an effort to get them to offer a plea deal that is reasonable and fair. This means if they don’t agree with one or more terms outlined in the plea deal, they can ask the prosecutor to revise their offer. In addition to negotiating on a defendant’s behalf, a criminal defense attorney in McAllen will also help a defendant understand the terms of the plea deal that was offered so they can make an informed decision.

Many individuals who have been charged with DWI in Texas aren’t sure what a fair and reasonable plea deal is which is why they should have a lawyer there guiding them and helping them determine when they should accept a deal or when they should take their case to trial. When a case is taken to trial, a defendant is at risk of having the maximum penalties imposed.


Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer in McAllen, TX After Being Charged with DWI


When a person has been charged with DWI in Texas, they should never enter into their case without legal representation. With that said, if an individual would like to be connected with a criminal defense law firm in McAllen that can help them understand their charges and what their chances are of getting their charges reduced, they should contact Tijerina Law Firm, PC. The lawyers at Tijerina Law Firm, PC offer free consultations and are ready to help anyone who has been charged with DWI get through this difficult and confusing time.


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